The Most Successful Reality TV Stars

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Over the past two decades, the reality TV business model has filled many an executive’s pockets with big bucks and the most successful reality TV stars used their temporary fame wisely to build long lasting careers. While some have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry, others have launched product lines, books, or further developed their on-screen presence through films and television shows. But from the plethora of members that form the realm of reality TV, which ones demonstrated that they have real talent?

That fame is a natural consequence of being on a reality show is nothing new, as these are part of today’s top 10 most profitable TV shows, which we listed in a previous article. However, while some characters enjoy a short-lived flash of the celebrity life, others have used the platform to gather the right connections and influence to make it large in the long run. So, let’s see who the most successful reality TV stars are and how they created their current fortune.

6. Bill Rancic

Reality TV Show: The Apprentice

After winning the first season of The Apprentice back in 2004, Bill Rancic was hired by Donald Trump and certainly took advantage of the opportunity. He gathered all of his acquired knowledge and used it to open the RPM Italian restaurant, as well as establish his presence as a TV host, motivational speaker, and book author. He can now call himself a proper businessman and certified millionaire.

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