The World’s 10 Most Expensive Diamonds

Wondering what the most expensive diamonds in the world are?

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they also tend to be the most expensive type of friend there is. Though diamonds represent a high-end commodity, truth is that most people will be able to afford the average gem at least once in their lifetime (yes, we’re talking about the engagement ring). But there are some diamonds out there that come with a mind-blowing price tag, meant to scare off even those who aren’t faint-of-heart.

We have compiled a list of the 10 most expensive diamonds in the world. Let’s take a look, in a style similar to our coverage of the most expensive boats in the world.

No. 10: The Allnatt Diamond


Public Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 101.29

Weight: 20.258 g

Price: $ 3 Million

Named after one of its previous owners, Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, this vivid Yellow diamond, as rated by the American Gemological Institute (GIA), is presumed to come from the De Beers diamond mine.

No. 9: The Moussaieff Red Diamond

Rough_diamondPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 5.11

Weight: 1.022 g

Price: $ 7 Million

Even though this particular gem is smaller than other expensive diamonds, the reason it is valued at $7 million is because it is the largest Fancy Red (as rated by the GIA) diamond out there.

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No. 8: The Heart of Eternity

500px-Diamond_blue.svgPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 27.64

Weight: 5.528 g

Price: $ 16 Million

Originating from a diamond mine in South Africa, The Heart of Eternity is rated as being Fancy Vivid Blue, one of the rarest colors of diamonds out there.

No. 7: Wittelsbach Diamond

Wittelsbach-Graff_diamantPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 35.36

Weight: 7.11 g

Price: $ 16.4 Million

This high-clarity blue diamond was once part of the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewelry.

No. 6: The Steinmetz Pink

800px-Pink_DiamondsPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 59.60

Weight: 11.92 g

Price: $ 25 Million

The Steinmetz Pink is the largest diamond rated as being vivid pink (GIA). It was also part of the “Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition, which was held at the Smithsonian.

No. 5: De Beers Centenary Diamond

Stormogul_(diamond)Public Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 273.85

Weight: 54.77 g

Price: $ 100 Million

Originating from the De Beers premier diamond mine, this colorless diamond is particularly famous for its lack of external and internal flaws. At nearly 55 grams, it is also one of the largest diamonds out there.

No. 4: The Hope Diamond

800px-HopeDiamondPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 45.52

Weight: 9.10 g

Price: $ 350 Million

This high-clarity diamond is currently being held at the Smithsonian Museum. Although in clear daylight the gem appears to be blue, once placed under a ultraviolet lamp, it gives out a red phosphor glow.

No. 3: The Cullinan

Cullinan_diamond_roughPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 530.2

Weight: 106 g

Price: $ 400 Million

Also named Star Africa or Cullinan I, this is the second largest diamond in the world, being surpassed only by the Golden Jubilee, a diamond weighing 109. 13 grams and originating from the same mine.

No. 2: The Sancy Diamond

Le_SancyPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 55.32

Weight: 11.05 g

Price: Estimate not available, Priceless

Currently being held at the Louvre, The Sancy is a pale yellow diamond cut into symmetrical facets. The origins of the diamond are unknown, but some believe that it may come from India.   

No. 1: Koh-I-Noor

Koh-i-noor_(after_1852)_blackPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Carats: 105

Weight: 21.6 g

Price: Estimate not available, Priceless

The Persian diamond Koh-l-Noor, which in translation means “Mountain of Light”, is now exhibited at the Tower of London, UK. It was once owned by a series of Persian rulers and its value is considered to be priceless.