How To Be Successful on Kickstarter: 5 Tips

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Ever wonder how to be successful on kickstarter? Kickstarter has become an easy solution for beginning entrepreneurs, getting them closer to materialize their ideas. It is an online platform founded in 2009, which helps creative people to gather funds for their projects. And while there are some other platforms that offer the same services, Kickstarter remains to be one of the most popular.

The website has gained appreciation, being praised by many major publications. Since its launch, many entrepreneurs have managed to create companies and launch new products on the platform, without needing large sums of money spent by major companies on matters like R&D or marketing. Aside from entrepreneurs, many artists, bands, designers or movie directors have managed to get financing for their projects.

Since 2009, about 45,000 projects have raised over $700 million, that has been donated by millions of people. Projects are involved in almost every area of our lives, from art and movies to technology and video games.

However, while Kickstarter seems like an easy way to get the necessary funding for a start-up, we should not ignore the fact that no investor would take his money for granted, so an entrepreneur needs to convince investors through Kickstarter that his project is worth something. While there are thousands of ideas posted, only a small amount of them manage to go further than just the planning stage.

And while, the website has some guidelines that have to be fulfilled in order for the project to start gaining popularity, people who stand behind the idea must do a lot of things on their own. One of the main ideas on Kickstarter is that it involves the so-called “All-or-nothing” funding, so a project must reach a certain amount of financing, or it does not get any money at all.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of advice that might help a “Kickstarter” reach the necessary milestones and succeed in his or her endeavors. Let’s take a look at how to be successful on kickstarter:

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