7 Makeup Classes to Take in NYC

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Putting on a perfect face of makeup is considered by many a form of art, so we wanted to see if we could find some top-notch makeup classes to take in NYC.

It wasn’t a difficult search since there are many places that offer such classes all over New York City, from classes directed at regular people who want to know how to do their daily makeup and skin care routines properly, to classes that will help one become an actual makeup artist and maybe even earn heaps of money while doing it. Of course, there are also many makeup classes in NYC for beginners because we’re not all born with those talents. Good luck finding free makeup classes in NYC, but you may luck up getting someone to give you tips at a makeup counter.

Cosmetics have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of enhancing someone’s features. Egyptians were fond of eyeliner and eyeshadows, while Sumerians invented the lipstick. Over the centuries, society’s view on makeup shifted, going from full embracement to near-bans, such as when Queen Victoria deemed makeup as only acceptable if used by actors.

Nowadays, makeup has become an art. Not only are we talking here about the day-to-day makeup routines people use, but also about the movie and the theater makeup. Of course, becoming “fluent” in any of these styles takes time and practice. You may even get some inspiration by following one of these 11 most successful beauty YouTubers in the world.

In order to put together our list today, we took a look at Class Curious, a site where you can find numerous classes you might be interested in attending, from dancing to cooking to make up. From makeup classes in Brooklyn to everywhere else in the city that never sleeps, we tried to find as many as possible. We also went the old fashioned way and ran a Google search and see what popped up. Once we had a full list, we went on and checked out the prices practiced by these schools, but since they each have classes that last a different amount of time, the ranking is orientative. That being said, here are 7 makeup classes in NYC.

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