11 Most Successful Beauty Youtubers in the World

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Welcome to our list of 11 most successful beauty YouTubers in the world. Sit down, relax and prepare yourself to be dazzled by these girls artistry and knowledge.

How many times have you caught yourself thinking „could I do this“ while Gigi Hadid was rocking the catwalk, looking all natural, but with makeup on, or how to achieve Kim K´s exceptionally sexy smoky eyes or J Lo´s beautiful curls? Beauty hacks, tricks, and tips are, thanks to the modern age we live in, just a click away from us. Actually, everything you need nowadays could be found on YouTube.

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Benefits of YouTube, have people on both sides – users are given such a big assortment of how-to videos, and its authors are launched sky high. Some of these gals working from the comfort of their bedrooms are getting, can you imagine, a six figure income a year, thanks to millions and millions of loyal fans and subscribers? How do they do it? Well, for starters, you can count on this Beauty Gurus to teach you all they know about skin care, makeup, hair, and nails. Then, many of them, after becoming a social media celebrities, became real life stars by publishing a book, creating a makeup line or entering some of reality tv competitions. And the best of it is that they already have millions of followers and subscribers to support them. Well… as it turns out, it pays to become a vlogger on YouTube.

Stay tuned, cause after the article about the 11 Most Profitable YouTube Channels, we are presenting you a new one, 11 most successful beauty YouTubers in the world. The best indicator of their achievement is income they make from YouTube vlogging as well as the number of their subscribers. So we took 10 most subscribed beauty YouTube vloggers, and then we ranked them according to the estimates of their monthly income coming strictly from YouTube. Without further ado, let’s see those great gals who found a way to use their knowledge about beauty to become famous and to earn a decent living!

11. Carli Bybel

Current Subscribers: 4,994,696

Total Views: 435,974,506

Approximate Monthly Earning: $13,500

When her parents got divorced, and her father left them and moved miles away she felt abandoned. At that moment she realized she wanted to become a makeup artist. At that moment she realized she wanted to become a makeup artist. At first, she did makeup for a lot of cheerleaders and afterward she made business cards and for whole makeup charged 25$. Carli joined YouTube on August 25, 2011 and since then has gained more than 4,9 million subscribers. Her vlogs are about makeup, beauty, fashion and fitness and you can follow her on two channels, CarliBel55 and InnerBeautyBybel. Also, her blog, “The Fashion Bybel” is a hit. One more interesting thing about this beautiful girl is her personal life. She is in a relationship with Brett Cap who is also a fellow YouTuber and fitness guru. With an average of 300,000 views per day, she makes an estimated revenue of around $450 per day or $13,500 a month from ads. Carli´s net worth is, as of 2015, an amazing $2 million. Right on Carli!

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