7 Best Photography Classes Under $100 in NYC

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Snapping the perfect picture is more than just being at the right place at the right time, and there’s certainly a lot one can learn about this visual art, especially from these best photography classes under $100 in NYC.

There are plenty of things to shoot in New York City, from wonderful nature views to beautiful architecture, from the beauty of the crowded city to the views from atop a skyscraper.  Digital photography classes in NYC have a playground like no other. If you have a keen eye for beauty, you’ll certainly find something to take a photo of every step of the way, as many have proven over the years.

In case you’re just starting out, and looking for beginner photography classes NYC, you can also read up on these 15 Beginner Photography Classes in NYC, where you can get a lot of training and explanations about what’s what on your complicated camera.

Best Photography Classes Under $100 in NYC


Photography has become such a beautiful art in the past decades. With each new year, however, the gear becomes better and better, which means the photographs will have a better quality. What the gear can’t bring, however, is skill – which can only be taught in specifically-designed classes. Whether you just want to nurture one of your passions or are planning to actually become a photographer yourself, selling your pictures online, shooting weddings and baby showers, taking photos of runway models and so on, you’ll first need to know a few things about actually using your camera, or, in particular cases, specific details about how to best shoot a certain scene or individual.

In order to create this list of best photography classes in NYC, we checked out ClassCurious, which is a site where you can find all sorts of classes you can take, depending on your passions. We also took a look on good old Google to see what else we could find. The list contains classes in varies boroughs, so if you’re looking for photography classes in Brooklyn, you’ll find that too. In the end, we ranked the studios by the price they were demanding for a class. That being said, here are the 8 best photography classes under $100.

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