7 Countries That Make The Best Cigars in The World

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If you consider yourself a true cigar smoker, then make sure your cigars of choice come from one of these 7 countries that make the best cigars in the world.

Smoking is one of the most common vices in the whole wide world. Some even refer to smoking as a recreational drug use, no matter if its marijuana or tobacco that’s being smoked. The history of smoking dates to ancient history. According to the experts, smoking can be traced as far as 5000BC. In some cultures, smoking has even become a part of that same culture and a ritual. One of the most known rituals of that kind is a Ceremonial pipe or Peace pipe used by Native Americans.

The fact that smoking causes a number of deadly illnesses don’t stop people from practicing it. It’s estimated that more than one billion people across the world enjoy in tobacco smoking on a daily basis. According to the report from 2007 made by West, Robert and Shiffman, Saul “each year, about 4.9 million people worldwide die as a result of smoking” and “smoking-related diseases have been shown to kill approximately half of long term smokers when compared to average mortality rates faced by non-smokers.”

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Although these facts are known to most of the smokers, the number of smokers is increasing. Along with the health organizations, governments are also trying to fight this vice by restricting the places where smoking is allowed and raising taxes on tobacco products. If you think that spending money on a brand new car is better than wasting it on smoking, check out 7 countries that make the best cars in the world, before you make the investment.

Out of many forms of smoking tobacco, cigarettes and cigars are among the most popular ones. Although some think it’s the same thing, there is one major distinction between them. While cigarettes contain cut tobacco rolled in paper, cigars are filled with a bunch of tobacco leaves and rolled in special kind of tobacco leaves called wrappers.

To determine 7 countries that make the best cigars in the world, we took lists of top cigars for 2014 made by two most prestigious magazines for cigars, Cigar Aficionado, and Cigar Advisor. For each cigar on the list we gave one point to the manufacturing country. We supplemented the ranking with the list of top 10 countries that grow cigar tobacco from  JrCigars and gave them points from 1 to 10. After summing up the scores, we found out the true masters of cigar manufacturing.

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