7 Countries That Make The Best Cars in the World

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There are 7 countries that make the best cars in the world and they are also the origin of the most popular brands in the automobile industry. We’ve heard people say that they prefer Japanese cars over American cars. Some go for German over Italian. Whatever your preferences are, it’s important that you have  certain criteria to support your choice of car.

We like looking at the best products from different countries as it helps narrows down the choices of our readers in their search for specific items. From something as generic as food to something as niche as the 7 countries that make the best olive oil in the world, we explore which nations offer the top products in a certain category. Today, we’ll look at something more utilitarian—cars.

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To help you make a well-rounded choice of your next vehicle, we considered the following 10 factors in our ranking. Each country is graded and ranked according to horsepower, safety, acceleration, smart rating, speed, overall weight, towing capacity, fuel efficiency, price, and seating capacity of the cars they make. Except for price range, higher scores are given for higher performance on the rest of the criteria. But for the price tag, the lower it is, the higher score is given. The data are aggregated and curated from Time and research engine Find the Best, which is now known as Graphiq.

You probably own a vehicle from one of the 7 countries that make the best cars in the world. But if you’re looking to upgrade then you have to choose from one of the top three countries for guaranteed optimal performance on all areas. Let’s find out who bags the top spot!

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