11 Most Popular Places to Propose Marriage

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You can look at this list of the most popular places to propose marriage as either a suggestion on where you should pop the question or as a list of places where you should NOT propose at to avoid cliché. Either way, this list will tell you where a lot of other couples – numbering in the tens of thousands – have had their engagement.

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Coming up with this list was pretty challenging. After all, no one has ever made an official, accurate, and up-to-date tracker on where marriage proposals take place. What we DID find, in abundance, are a list of suggestions for the most romantic places for wedding proposals. For our own rankings, we have curated the suggestions from news, lifestyle, and travel sources the likes of CNN, MSN, The Lonely Planet, Marie Claire UK, Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, as well as the suggestions of global engagement photographer The Flytographer. We’ve also used the results from the combined user survey of USA TODAY and 10Best Reader’s Choice for the Best Place to Propose.

The popularity of the places listed here as top marriage proposal location choices are measured according to how frequently they appear on and how well they rank on the top places lists.

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