11 Most Popular Songs about Money

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One all-time favorite topic when it comes to making catchy songs is money; that’s why we have prepared for you a list of 11 most popular songs about money. Money is most often the topic of rap and hip hop, but it can also be a theme of a great rock song. Some of the most catchy lines and tunes are still a part of big commercials, TV shows or even movie soundtracks.

The inspiration for a big amount of popular songs is often to be found in this theme, and it is one of the most wanted topics in the music industry. In the past, musicians often used love to create inspiring songs, and now times have changed, setting money to be the number one inspiration for new music superstars. Considering that the modern era turns around money and power, it is logical that musicians will sing about it. The music business is growing every day, and there are many producers, record labels, and artists competing for a position on the top lists. Since there is a lot of money involved in the music industry, the artists choose to write songs about it.

Everett Collection/Shutterstock.com 11 Most Popular Songs about Money

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Lyrics are the thing that makes us listen to one song on repeat over and over again. During the past years, musicians have come to the conclusion that money is the all-time favorite topic and that it pays off making songs about it. Songs about money are always at the top of the charts, and they are taking the big crown.

There are many songs about money today, and it is tough to be objective. To create our list, we combined three different lists that were already published by SongFacts, DigitalTrends and TownandCountryMag to make the best list of the 11 most popular songs about money. Then we used public opinion about them, considering the views on YouTube that show the amount of the song popularity. We added 1 point for every million views and ranked them according to their total score.

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We present you the list of the 11 most popular songs about money, and we hope you enjoy it.

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