6 Healthcare Jobs For Introverts With no Patient Contact

Introverts who are looking for the perfect career can rejoice because we’ve collected 6 healthcare jobs for introverts with no patient contact.

There is nothing peculiar in being an introvert. You simply prefer to stay at home and enjoy your solitude and silence than going out and interacting with dozens of people every day. Reading an enchanting book is much more thrilling to you than going to a club and trying to converse despite the noise, and that’s fine. Just because you are different from most people you know doesn’t mean that you need to adjust or change anything. Unfortunately, at work, we need to conform and put our smiley faces on because no one cares about our feelings and whether we’re comfortable working there or not. That’s why so many of us just want to roll up in a blanket and watch TV  when we get back from work without having to talk to anyone. But wanting to spend time alone doesn’t mean that you’re an introvert. A lot of people I know (including me) enjoy spending at least a few moments a day alone, with no one to bore you. In fact, I can’t imagine not enjoying that first cup of morning coffee alone. It’s a way one relaxes and prepares for the tough day or a way to forget the day behind us. Whatever the time of the day or the reason is, quality alone time is always useful.

6 Healthcare Jobs For Introverts With no Patient Contact


It must be very difficult being an introvert in a world where it seems like everyone else is enjoying being in a crowded environment in the middle of noisy conversations. Thre are also quite a few negative connotations related to the word “introvert”.  This is wrong in so many ways that I can only begin to speak of. Some of us prefer being around people we are comfortable with and others enjoy big social gatherings, being at the spot light. There’s no reason to build a wall between introverts and extroverts or to favor one more than the other.

We tend to think that somehow we are lonely in our wish to distance ourselves from the world but we couldn’t be more wrong. According to an article from Forbes, it turns out that there are many more introverts in the world than they care to admit. Apparently, a lot of them simply pretend to be extroverts in order to fit in just like we have to do at work. But at the end of the day, they probably just long for a silent evening surrounded by books or food only, just like you.

We’ve discussed the differences between introverts and extroverts in our previous article about 13 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Introverts, where we listed some great alternatives for you. If you’re tired of dealing with people on a daily basis, why not consider some of these low-cost ideas and start a business of your own? That’s one way to go. Or you can find a career that simply requires you to work alone. When we say work alone, what we mean is that you can actually find a job that requires little to no people interaction at all. For example, you can consider a home-based job that doesn’t even require you to leave the house, if that is what you prefer. If you have a specific industry in mind, there is still hope that you can manage to combine your interests with your needs for solitude, you just need to search for those opportunities.

We had a specific category in mind when writing this article about healthcare jobs for introverts with no patient contact, and that is healthcare. When we talk about healthcare jobs, most people think of doctors and this is one of the professions we dream of as kids. It is also one of the professions that our parents prefer and would very much like that we all just become doctors. But since no one can assume into what we will grow up being like and how aspirations will abruptly change as we become teenagers, parents often end up disappointed by our career choices. But what matters is that you are happy with your choice and that you are at peace because if your career doesn’t fulfill you, then prepare for a long, exhausting, and painful way to retirement. No money is worth being miserable and having to do a  job you hate pretending to be something you’re not.

But what if you really want to work in healthcare despite your aversion towards working with patients? It is still possible to achieve that even though you’re not very fond of interacting with patients. Believe it or not, there are some options that don’t require patient contact and that would suit you perfectly. Yes, that’s right, and these careers might be perfect for you. We searched for jobs in healthcare that don’t require you to interact with patients, and some of them don’t even require you to speak to other people overall. We managed to select the jobs that are related to healthcare but deal with more technical issues rather than with patients, and we found great suggestions on Medical Technology Schools and  Ultimate Medical Academy. We ranked them according to their median salaries from the lowest to the highest, using the data provided by PayScale. These careers are just what you needed so stick with us and read our 6 healthcare jobs for introverts with no patient contact.