5 Easiest to Use DVD and Blu-ray Players for Seniors and Elderly

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If you don’t know what to buy as a gift for an older friend or member of your family, why don’t get them one of the easiest to use DVD and Blu-ray players for seniors and elderly? This way they won’t have to go through much trouble in order to watch their favorite shows and movies.

If you thought that DVD and Blu-ray players have already become relics of the past and that no one buys DVDs anymore, you are in for a surprise. DVDs are still selling pretty well, and only recently the video – on demand and streaming subscriptions passed DVDs in sales. My guess is that the older generations like the convenience of a DVD compared to streaming a movie or a TV show. Just put it in the player and press play. That’s all the magic. This is why buying a DVD or Blu-ray player for an elderly person is way better than getting them an Android TV box for example. Before we continue, you may want to check out these Easiest Smartphones To Use For Seniors and The Elderly as well.

Buying a DVD or Blu-ray player for a senior doesn’t just mean walking into the store and getting the one that fits into your budget. You need to have in mind that seniors are mostly unfamiliar with the newer technology and need something simple. Elder Gadget, a website specialized in reviews of products that are senior friendly, has pointed out few things you should look in DVD players when buying one for an elderly person. It is recommended that you get a player that supports more discs, which is ideal for movie nights or watching TV shows. Easy to operate panel is a must as well as remote with large buttons, which will make the navigation easier. Wide dynamic range control and HDMI compatibility will also be a big plus.

In order to find the easiest to use DVD and Blu-ray players for seniors and elderly we checked the recommendations from Elder Gadget, Touch Brite and users at various forums including Meta Filter, Hot UK Deals, and DTV USA among others. Since there were lots of recommendations that didn’t repeat on many sources, we decided to check the ratings of DVD and Blu-ray players on Amazon and feature the highest rated on our list. Let’s check them out then.

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