7 Untraceable Drugs and Poisons That Cause Death in Humans

For those of you looking to find more about untraceable drugs and poisons that cause death in humans, our list will give you the answers. You are probably just a curious person or an aspiring writer looking for a good murder weapon for his next book. However, if you are planning to kill somebody and make it look like a heart attack or some other natural cause of death, here is a fair warning. Your IP address is recorded, and it will be shared with the FBI in the case of need. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

You have probably seen the following premise in many books, TV shows, and movies.  A person dies out of nowhere and the death seems to be a natural cause. Charming detective smells something fishy there and decides to further investigate the matter. After lots of twists, the detective finds out that the victim was killed with an untraceable poison. The “perfect murder” plot device was used so many times that people started to believe this could be done in the real life. Of course, those that have tried the method mostly ended up behind bars. While it was possible for some poisons to slip undetected in the past, that isn’t the case anymore.

7 Untraceable Drugs and Poisons That Cause Death in Humans


One of the major reasons for this is the fact that science has advanced enough and made it possible to detect elements in the body that shouldn’t be there. Another reason is that although some of these supposedly untraceable poisons disappear and can’t be discovered directly in human’s body, they do leave certain marks. This is, of course, simple if the medical examiners have certain doubts about the cause of death. If not, then they may not look in the right places, and murder could be described as a natural death. But even in such cases, the murderers always get caught. Crime simply doesn’t pay off and you’ll be able to see why if you stick long enough with the article. Law enforcers will find a way to get to the truth. If you are curious how, check out our list of the Most Effective Interrogation Techniques and Tactics Used By The Police and CIA.

In order to come up with our list of untraceable drugs and poisons that cause death in humans, we looked for suggestions from The Parazite, James J. Murray, Murder Mile Tours and Yahoo among others. The poisons and drugs that were suggested most frequently ended up on our list. Let’s waste no more time and get started.