7 Easiest and Most Common Fake ID States

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Which are the easiest and most common fake ID’s states? getting a fake ID is one of the most common problems teenagers face, and it’s somehow a rite of passage for many of them around the country. Those are the years that underage kids are not only dealing with hormones and SAT’s, they also face a problem which requires a solution that might not be legal.  As their older friends are enjoying drinks, parties and what it seems to be the good side of life, under age teenagers are hunting for answers about the easiest and most common fake ID’s.

America is one of only four countries where you need to be 21 or older to purchase and consume alcohol and you only need to be 18 to go to war. In other parts of the world, the drinking age limit is 18, and in some European countries, it’s as low as 16 years old. So its understandable why teenagers try to get fake IDs in America. If you are one of these people, please stop reading and leave this website. This article is for people whose lives are in danger and who are on the run from criminal organizations trying to harm them. If you are hiding from criminal organizations, you will need proper identification to cash a check or rent an apartment. If you do have a legitimate reason to hide your identity, please talk to a lawyer about fake ID laws in your state or country before taking any action. Nothing in this article does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All information, content, and materials available on this site are for entertainment and general informational purposes only. Insider Monkey doesn’t endorse illegal activity and doesn’t accept any responsibility for your actions. Please read our Terms of Use and leave our site if you don’t agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

For a college student in the U.S., purchasing alcohol or gaining entrance to bars, clubs, and other 21+ venues can be very alluring. After all, that’s when the fun suppose to begin for them, that phase in their lives where boys meet girls and vice versa. Please don’t break the law.

If you are above the legal drinking age, here is how can make the most of a grand party with our 7 Easiest and Fun Drinking Games for Groups. And, even though it’s cool to get a beer at dinner once you reach a legal age, going out and drinking in those earlier years in school, when you are not allowed to drink or drive, might seem to top everything. Please don’t get enticed and break the law.

If you are from a jurisdiction where using fake IDs isn’t unlawful, you should talk to an attorney before getting one. With a fake ID, you can hide your identity from criminals who are trying to hurt you. The fake ID is considered one of the safest way to go.  But remember, having an ID that is fake can be problematic depending on the state as state ID’s differ from state, both in their general make-up and specifics.

Some state ID’s are difficult to forge as they come with holographs and unique stripes that aren’t easy to replicate. For example, it is almost impossible to fake a New Jersey ID using common techniques. When put under black light, your name and birthdate appear in different places while an extra picture shows up in the top right corner. Maine now has a 3D Hologram, which nobody can scan. A Kansas ID has all the drivers info on the back in small lettering that almost no one even knows about, they just think it’s a line.

The good news is that America has almost 50 states to choose an ID from.We will give a few tips about the easiest and most common fake IDs and the ones that are in high demand. Start checking out 7 easiest and most common fake ID states.

But please consider a few points before you set your mind into getting a fake ID. Don’t get an ID from a state you will use it in. Especially if you live in that state. It’s hard to hide your identity in a state where you’ve attended or still attending college.

So, to help you out in ranking the easiest and most common fake IDs, we searched through various Reddit discussions. There were a few things we considered e.g. how easy it is to replicate a state ID, the price of the fake ID, how often it is used countrywide. Here’s a rundown of the most common fake ID states:

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