35 Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime

With our list of 35 best documentaries on Amazon Prime, your subscription to Amazon Prime will be money well spent. Also, being able to watch The Grand Tour is a pretty nice bonus.

If you frequently use Amazon, then Amazon Prime is a convenient feature. It doesn’t just give you free shipping and other perks, it also lets you stream a respectable amount of movies, documentaries, TV shows, and music without an additional cost. This business model isn’t just good for users but also for the company. It was revealed recently that Amazon got around $6.4 billion in revenue from the service and that there are estimated 65 million Amazon Prime users. If you are only interested in streaming features, you don’t have to get the full membership since you can subscribe only to Amazon Video. Amazon Video membership will give you access not only to the content available to Amazon Prime users but lot more.



Music, science, nature, health, no matter the topic you are interested in, Amazon Prime probably has you covered.  For example, if you enjoy history topics, there are these 11 Best History Documentaries on Amazon Prime Right Now you can enjoy. The great thing is that the service also offers a large amount of lesser known documentaries and those made for TV that you wouldn’t have the chance to watch anywhere else. Since the company invests heavily into original content, we are sure there will be some great Amazon made documentaries in the future as well.

To get our list of 35 best documentaries on Amazon Prime, we did a huge research going through 4,986 documentaries currently available on Amazon Prime. We then ranked them using IMDb rating and the rating from Amazon viewers. Documentaries that didn’t have IMDb rating and those that had 5 or fewer ratings were not considered since that isn’t enough to determine how good the documentary really is. After covering the methodology, let us see the best that documentary category on Amazon Prime has to offer.