25 Best States For Barbers

Snip, snip, snip, time to get straightened up with the 25 best states for barbers. My barber’s name is Josh and he is the best barber ever. I’m sorry if your barber is not Josh because you do not go to the world’s best barber. He is writing his Ph.D. on barbershops! C’mon. Well, on black barbershop cultural and its societal or other impacts. Still, he is a very knowledgeable and skilled barber–who is the best.

I’ve been to other barbers and barbershops. I’ve been to the one in front of the “hidden” bar–it’s down the street from me.  They give you a cocktail with your cut. I have been to the neon-signed, barberpoled, three chair operation that smelled of the fragrances worn by the three Israeli brothers who worked there.  I’ve even been to Robert’s Barbershop in Danbury, CT where my hair was cut by Robert himself before a wedding at which I was a random guest.  For the record, Robert did not utter a single word during the haircut and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. Also, he definitely thought I was a dude–not super uncommon for me.

25 Best States For Barbers


Barbershops are a secure investment in these times of economic crisis because people, no matter how much money they have, need to cut their hair; it is just like any other essential things like eating, drinking, etc. Well, maybe slightly less essential but you get the idea. So opening barber shops could be a boon.

So what are the 25 best states for barbers? We have to discover which are the best states by considering working conditions for barbers. According to United States Department of Labour, there are 14,350 barbers in the US. Hourly wage is about $14 and during the one year, an average barber in the US earns $29,140.

Using United States Department of Labour site we examined data on barber earnings for each state in the country and we compared these numbers with the cost of living index of each state. Having a high wage in the certain state doesn’t mean anything if you have very high living costs. Every barber wants to live in a state which will provide them the good living conditions, which means enough money to spend on traveling, paying bills, buying things like gas, groceries, and movie tickets, etc. You can also see which state offers the best life for audiologists through our list of 25 Best States for Audiologists.

We won’t provide details about the costs for the things we mentioned above because it is up to every individual how will they spend their money–some will want to purchase luxuries items or use more amenities. Others will save and pay down debt and could afford to live in surprisingly expensive regions. These parameters are already included in Metric’s Living Costs Index, which we used to discover the best states for barbers in the US. This index takes into account the costs of food, household expenses, utilities, transport and healthcare costs. The index values range from 85 (the lowest cost of living) to 154 (the highest cost of living).

Let’s see the list of 25 best states for barbers: