25 Best States For Chemical Engineers

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Let’s see if we have some chemistry with the best states for chemical engineers. Chemistry is certainly the most romantic science. You want to combine elements and see if there is a reaction–the possibilities for Valentine’s day metaphors are endless. So many good chemical-based puns ripe for the picking, or punning. But what if you love said puns so much that you want to explore the field of Chemistry as a career choice? Well, chemical engineers, and those considering it as an option, have a lot of excitement in store as we check out the 25 best states for chemical engineers. You never know what’s going to bubble up as a great location for your next compound. Let’s examine the results.

Chemical engineering sounds like a profession that is both complicated and ambitious. According to Learn, chemical engineers use both science and engineering in making fuel, medicine, food, several types of chemicals, and other products. They are responsible for various products that are used every day as basic goods, which makes this profession one of the most important ones in the society. Do you like food? Then you probably love chemical engineers. Enjoy wearing clothing? Give thanks to chemical engineers, at least partially.

 25 Best States For Chemical Engineers

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To be a chemical engineer is no easy feat. You need to have really exceptional analytical skills, and be really great in math. Critical and creative thinking is also required to really be fit for such a challenging job. You also definitely need an undergraduate degree in engineering with a strong background in other sciences like biology and physics, to be able to do the job well. Chemical engineering is for those science-minded individuals who are up to its challenging tasks and job description.

Chemical engineers usually have specific specializations, too. It could be something that concerns the environment, like oxidation, or something that is concentrated on process and field. At times, chemical engineers are tasked to design experiments and also make safety procedures to determine safety compliance. Needless to say, to be a chemical engineer entails a lot of responsibility.

They usually work in laboratories doing research, and also work in plants, refineries, and even offices. Because their job is so diverse and broad, there are many locations where you could usually spot them hard at work.

Now that we know how complicated the job is, you may ask how much they usually earn on the average. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), chemical engineers earn an annual median income of $97,360 on the average. There are states that pay even more, the highest recorded salary was at a whopping $157,160, while the lowest wage on record was at $59,470.

The amount of salary chemical engineers make is perhaps just right for the kind of job they do. They have arguably among the hardest jobs and the biggest responsibilities in the world, and it is just right that they get paid well for what they do.

The only downside of this job is the slow projected employment growth, which is only at 2% in a span of 20 years. This is because the demand for chemical engineers rely heavily on the demand for the products they are responsible for.

Now, looking for the best states for chemical engineers does not only ask for the states with the highest salaries. As a matter of fact, since Chemical Engineers generally earn more than other people with other jobs do, there seems to be no need in looking at salary rates anymore. Even so, the pay is always part of the criteria. We also took each state’s cost of living index into consideration, as well as employment rates.

For a particular state to score really high on this list and take the top spot, it has to be able to hit the perfect balance between how much chemical engineers earn and how much of their wages they have to allot in their living expenses. Earning well is pointless when you have to spend so much on your living expenses including rent or mortgage, utilities, and basic goods.

Annual median salary data and employment rates for each state were sourced from BLS, while the cost of living information was from Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. Each state was ranked according to each part of the criteria. Each ranking was averaged, which led us to the following results.

It would be fascinating if any of the 11 Cities with the Highest Demand for Chemical Engineers happen to be related to the states that made it to this list.

Read on to know more about the best states for chemical engineers.

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