11 Good Products To Sell From Home

I’m guessing that if you’re reading the 11 good products to sell from home you’re probably a stay at home parent. Nothing wrong with that – I was that for a while, before the grace of God intervened and both kids were off to school at the same time.

The whole thing about selling from home is that you have to come up with what works for you. Are you a maker? Do you love creating something that you can sell online or locally? In that case, you’re essentially capitalizing on the skill you have in making that product. If you love doing it, you practice more, so your skill improves, which essentially improves quality and shortens the manufacturing time – giving you an economic advantage.

11 Good Products To Sell From Home


Or are you a smart shopper who can spot a deal when it’s available? Ebay spawned an entire population of wholesale buyers who essentially bought low and sold high – anything from pen caps (I imagine) to unicorn droppings (I imagine). In this case, you’ll really need an upfront investment cost covering the large purchase – be it one or many – and then space to keep the inventory until it sells. Obviously, since you can’t foresee when something sells, it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy anything with an expiration date.

One thing – you should check local laws if you need to secure a necessary permit before selling from your home. I know this is the case for some towns where food involved, but even then it’s inconsistent. In some cases it’s ok if you do it but dont advertise it. In others it’s ok if the food is through a website, etc. Just do your homework – that’s what I’m saying. This is to ensure that if you ever piss off your neighbor and the bitch rats on you- you’re good. You won’t have a problem on them knocking on your door because you don’t have a business permit.

You may want to look back on our list of the 10 Most Profitable Business to Start from Home in 2016 for more useful ideas.

We’ve compiled a few ideas for you (you’re welcome) using AnswerThePublic. Here are 11 good products to sell from home in alphabetical order.

11. Avon

The oldest direct to consumer company I know is Avon. The products they have are cosmetics, perfumes, and underwear – mostly for women. David H. McConnell is the founder. He somehow was inspired to recruit women as sales representatives, probably capitalizing on a sexist assumption that the social capacity will lead to more sales. They’re still around although I personally know NO ONE who dares utter the word, let alone buy or use their products. I’m imaging a Walmart shopper who voted for Trump and is living paycheck to paycheck as the typical Avon user, although I have no stats to back that up. But if you find someone who’s holding an Avon product who doesn’t work for the company and also isn’t missing any teeth, I’ll take those lasts few sentences out of this article on good products to sell from home.

11 Good Products To Sell From Home

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