20 Most Sexually Active Colleges in USA

For many of you, sex is just another taboo topic, and you avoid talking about it as much as you can, but there are places where people are ‘doing it’ all the time like these most sexually active colleges in USA. Having sex is a healthy, normal and natural thing to do and if you think you shouldn’t talk about it openly, think again because since there are many young people having sex it would be better to talk about it before something unwanted happens.

Having sex isn’t just pleasure, even if you don’t realize it, there are many positive benefits from it. If you are a woman, you should know that sex can improve your bladder control. Incontinence is affecting more than 30% of women around the world at some point in their lives, and you should also keep in mind that sex is like a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. Sex can also help you if you have problems with high pressure and it also counts as exercise. When was the last time you hit the gym? If you don’t want to waste time at the gym why not exercise in your bedroom? Even though it won’t replace the treadmill, it counts for something. Also among the most significant health benefits is the fact that sex improves sleep. After sex, the prolactin hormone is released which is responsible for sleepiness and feeling of relaxation. Last but not least, it eases stress. Just being close to your partner can soothe stress and anxiety.

20 Most Sexually Active Colleges in USA

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Now that we said how great benefits sex has for your health, we should also warn you that you must be extremely careful because it can quickly shift from being the most healthy thing to do to a deadly disease. Many of you already know, but there are some unaware people as well who don’t know that with sex you can catch some sexually transmitted infections easily from your partner. When we say many people don’t know, we refer to students who don’t use protection; since colleges are places where people are having sex the most. Every single individual who is engaging in sexual activity, especially with someone they don’t know, needs to use protection because the diseases are serious and some of them deadly.

If you want to dig deeper into this matter and expand your knowledge, even more, we recommend you to take a look at our list of 10 colleges with the highest STD rates in America and you can compare these two lists to see whether one of the most sexually active colleges in America also found its way among the colleges with the highest STD rates. Because these colleges have such high STD rates, they are also the worst colleges to get laid because you probably don’t want to end up with a deadly disease, do you?

Colleges aren’t the only place where people are getting laid, the most sexually active cities in the world like Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Los Angeles are at the same time the best tourist destinations meaning you have to be extremely careful if you fall in love with someone during your trip around the world. 

Now the most interesting part is how did we create the list but before we move forward, we want to tell you just one more thing. If your main focus will be studying and you don’t want to deal with any kind of distractions, you should consider applying for Harvard or one of the military academies because they are considered as some of the least sexually active colleges. While compiling our list of most sexually active universities in America, we had to consider a few things to make it accurate and to do that. We consulted College Stats to find out the sexual exposure for each university, The National Campaign to find the sexual activity in every state, and Start Class to see what is the male to female ratio in each university. We sorted our list by the sexual exposure in an ascending order. In addition to this, the universities which found its place on Bro Bible got extra points on our list.

Now enough of intro; let’s start the countdown to see what are the most sexually active colleges in USA.