11 Least Sexually Active Cities in America

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Just like in any other place in the world, there are cities across the United States where people just aren’t that interested in having sex, so we wanted to find out which exactly were the least sexually active cities in America.

However, there are many places around the world that fall exactly in the opposite category, such as Greece which is the most sexually active country. Belgium’s Antwerp isn’t doing that bad either, as a new study put it on the list of the world’s most sexually satisfied cities. Paris is also doing quite great, as it was named the most sexually active city in the world this year by adult mobile app Lazeeva.

Some cities are known as go-to places for sexual escapades, such as these Easiest Cities to Get Laid in The World, while others are obviously a little bit more toned down in this category. Whether it’s the weather at fault, the more advanced median age of the area or just a lack of libido, it’s hard to tell, but things are certain – some places could use some pick-me-up juice to get it going on.

Of course, even if you were to have such encounters, you should probably keep in mind that you’d do best to avoid these 16 most sexually diseased cities in America, unless you want to go home with an unwanted gift or two. As always, keep in mind to use protection, as that’s the only way to make sure you keep your health intact and your future partners’.

Back to our list, we should mention that we searched high and low for data to help solve our problems. In the end, we went to the CDC to discover the states with the lowest birth rates, because that’s a great way to tell if the population is sexually active or not. The data we found was for 2015, which is pretty much as fresh as we can wish when discussing this type of official information.

Then, we took each of these 11 states with the lowest birth rates and used data from Town Charts to find the lowest birth rates among the state’s cities. We took things a step further and used Census Report to spot the fertility rates for these cities, meaning the percentage of women aged 15 to 50 that had given birth within the last 12 months. Since age is certainly an important factor when discussing a lack of sexual activity, we also checked out the median age within these cities, via the same website.

Then, we checked out the CDC’s report on the number of cases of STDs reported in each state and took those into consideration too. Technically, the more you have sex, the higher the chances of getting an STD, especially when multiple partners are involved. Therefore, the lower the number of STD cases, the higher the score the city received. We handed out scores for gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia, so there are multiple rows in there.

We would have liked to add other details too, to create a broader picture of which cities are the least sexually active, such as the sales of prophylactics, be it birth control pills or condoms, but that’s not something one can find online.

Once we handed out points for each of the above-mentioned categories, we added them up, resulting the ranking for the 11 least sexually active cities in America.

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