15 Countries with the Highest Male to Female Ratio in the World in 2018

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What with the “politically correct” environment that is taking over, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 15 countries with the highest male to female ratio in the world in 2018 are criticized for being misogynistic.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these nations definitely have some work to do when it comes to women’s rights, but the fact that they happen to have more males than females constituting their population is not the reason that women are far behind in these countries when compared to the complete freedom they enjoy in the West.

One could argue that sex-selective abortion, i.e., the practice of aborting a fetus when it is not of the parents’ preferred gender, could very well be one of the reasons the ratios are so off in these regions. Sex-selective abortions are one of the most sexist acts anyone can commit, and a few countries are notorious for them. For instance, during the time when the one-child policy in China was at its strictest, abortions were carried out left and right and undoubtedly, many of them were sex-selective. India is another nation where this disgusting crime is committed. India and China both make an appearance on our list and while we can blame their disproportionate gender count on sex-selective abortions, (in other words misogyny), we certainly can’t do that for every country on our list, because it would merely be conjecture.

Countries with the Highest Male to Female Ratio in the World in 2018

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I guess all I’m saying is that it would be a long leap to make to accuse a population’s male to female ratio on patriarchy. I mean there are 101.8 males for every 100 females according to the male to female ratio in the world in 2015. Does that mean the whole world hates women? Of course not. And I hope that answers the question of all you people who for some inexplicable reason Google the phrase “are there more males or females in the world.” Then again, I shouldn’t judge considering that I’m writing a whole article on the matter.

Now that I’ve made my little rant let’s get down to business. To compile our list, we referred to statistics from the United Nations report: World Population Prospects 2017 and used their data on sex ratio to rank countries. Spoiler alert: America is nowhere near close enough to be on our list. The male to female ratio in USA is actually 97.9! Yes, there are more females in the country than males which is quite odd considering the natural sex birth ratio is 105 in favor of males according to the World Health Organization.

Anyway, unfortunately, the latest numbers that the UN’s report provides pertain to the year 2015 so you won’t be able to find the exact male to female ratio in the world in 2017 or 2018 but I presume the proportions will not have changed much in 2 years.

You can find numerous other insights into world population by gender, such as finding out the countries with the highest female population or the country with the highest male population, or other fun facts. In the meantime let’s list down the countries with the highest male to female ratio in the world in 2018.

15. China

Males per 100 females: 106.3

We begin our list of countries with the highest male to female ratio in the world in 2018 with one of the superpowers of the world: China itself. China is often criticized for several social issues, such as lack of freedom of the press and the now slackened one-child policy, but the nation has come an extremely long way when we compare it to the historically patriarchal Chinese society. As mentioned in the introduction though, sex-selective abortion is still suspected to be a huge issue in the country, and an official investigation into the matter should be conducted. In case you are interested in male to female ratio in China, check out Knoema’s calculations.

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