10 Easiest College Majors That Will Earn Your Money Back

College is neither a cheap or an easy investment but these 10 easiest college majors that will earn your money back come close to giving you back as much as you have paid for your education.

In an ideal world, everyone should be working the job that they studied for in college. But in the real world – the kind that we live in – underemployment and job mismatch is more likely and more realistic than not.

Here’s the good news: there still are tons of college majors around that pay off several folds of what you have spent in college. But here’s the catch (unfortunately): about 90% of the best-paying college majors are also some of the hardest. By hardest, we mean petroleum engineering hard.

In coming up with this list, one major dilemma came up. How do you exactly define what an ‘easy’ college major is? When we factor in personal preference and individual competence, what is easy for one person may not be easy for another.

10 Easiest College Majors That Will Earn Your Money Back

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For this article, we have used the ‘easiest’ majors list on CBS News and The Best Colleges that used average GPAs as a gauge for the difficulty – or in this case, easiness – of a college major. The easiest majors, of course, were those that scored the highest average GPAs. Plucked out from these sources, we took each college major and searched for their average entry level pay based on the data from Payscale.

If you’re a parent of a pre-college kid, or a pre-college kid yourself, and you want to study any of the easiest college majors that will earn you money back, this read is for you. Want to earn while you’re in college? Check out our other article on the 12 highest paying jobs for college students!