15 Easiest Majors to Take in College That Pay Well

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If you’re just applying for colleges and figuring out which major you’ll choose, you might be interested in our list of 15 easiest majors to take in college that pay well.

Because you already know what subjects you’re good at, and which ones you enjoy, but what about how much the jobs in those fields will pay? This may be the most important factor to consider.

Yes, it’s rough. Sometimes it seems like we’re forced to choose either a job that doesn’t pay well that we enjoy or a job that we hate that yields amazing pay. How easy or difficult those jobs, or majors, are is also a factor. Because who wants to spend every waking moment at work but have no time to come home and enjoy your wages? The only solution seems to be to be finding a job that comes easily to you, and that you enjoy, but that also pays well.

Easiest Majors to Take in College That Pay Well


For our list, we consulted other lists of easy, well-paying majors from credible sources, including Pay Scale’s Majors That Pay You Back, Pay Scale’s Associate’s Degrees That Pay You Back, Glass Door’s 50 Highest Paying College Majors, The Best School’s Best Paying Bachelor’s Degrees, Forbes’s 5 Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees, Forbes’s College Degrees With the Highest Starting Salaries, Penny Hoarder’s Best College Majors, College Choice’s 50 Highest Paying Careers, US News’s Top 10 College Majors That Earn the Highest Salaries, and CBS News’s 9 Most Lucrative College Majors.

Each time a college major was listed as the best or the most lucrative in one of the above lists, we gave it one point and formed our points system from there. But the matter of whether or not these majors are the easiest college degrees can be tricky. This depends on many different factors, the first being what easy even means. The quickest? The least difficulty level? And this, of course, this depends on what you consider difficult or easy when it comes to college studies. What comes most naturally to you? This could vary greatly from person to person. One person’s easiest could be another person’s hardest college degree. An easy degree could also mean a major that pays off well in the end, even if it’s difficult while you’re in school. Because choosing an “easy” college degree could make things very difficult for you once you graduate. So when exactly do you want things to be easy?

We said all that to say that you’ll have to determine for yourself whether these majors are also the easiest degrees to pass. They have proven the easiest to yield jobs with high wages, but it’s difficult for us to know how they measure up to the other definitions of easy. But that’s okay. The fact that these majors will give you a good job should be knowledgeable enough. Easy majors that make a lot of money could be out there depending on who you are and what you’re good at, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, either.

And for more college majors, check out our list of 10 easiest college majors that will earn your money back. That’s always a plus, given how expensive college can be. In case you are interested in quick and easy online degrees as well as easiest bachelor degree to get online, be sure to check out Study.com.

Time for our list! 15 easiest majors to take in college that pay well. We are starting off with the last college majors which share the 14th place on the list.

14. Biology

3 points

Degrees in biochemistry, International Relations, and Business also got three points.

Easiest Majors to Take in College That Pay Well

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