10 Best Countries to Migrate With Family

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If you are wondering about the best countries to migrate with family, stick to the end of our list to find out.

There is an old saying I heard many times that goes along the lines “fool lives where he is born and a wise person lives where it’s best for him”. Over the years I’ve found that to be very true. If you want to create a better life for yourself, you will pursue the opportunities to do so even if that means leaving the place you’ve spent most of your life in. Occasionally the best place for you is the place you are born and raised, but that doesn’t happen too often. When you move to another city, it isn’t such a big deal, but what if the opportunity lies across the border? Moving away from your native country into the unknown is always a big challenge. It becomes even bigger when it’s not just you that are going, but your family as well. In case you are located in Pakistan and looking for a potential destination to relocate, check out our list of the Easiest Countries to Immigrate to From Pakistan.

When making a decision about relocating you should always take into consideration the consequences of that decision for your kids. Younger kids aged up to 6 years won’t have many problems adapting to their new surroundings, but pre-teens and teens will. They probably already created their circle of friends; just got used to school they are in and most likely love it there. When you move, your kids will have to find new friends, learn a new language and start their life all over just like you. Luckily, we are there to help you, at least when it comes to picking a country. Before we continue if you are looking to move by yourself pay a visit to our list of the Easiest Countries to Immigrate to.

In order to create our list of the best countries to migrate with family, we used the Expat Insider survey report from 2016 compiled by InterNations. They’ve surveyed expats from 191 different countries and territories who shared their experiences about moving abroad. The report contains Family Life index that is calculated based on the availability and cost of childcare and education, quality of education and family well-being. The countries that had the highest Family Life index ended up on our list of best countries to migrate with family. Let’s check it out.

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