The 10 Best Countries To Work In the World

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If you are looking to move, then knowing which are the best countries to work in the world could greatly help you to make the right decision. After all, people spend a large part of their day at work and thus, good working conditions make a huge difference in quality of life. Some countries simply offer a greater working environment than others, whether it is due to shorter shifts, better compensation, perks that come with the job, or legislature that protects employees.

Those of you who are interested in the job market, should also check out one of our previous articles regarding the 10 best financial services companies to work for. Much like the countries we will present you with in the current list, these financial services companies offer their employees a friendly workplace. Yet it is not only about going to work in a nice environment and feeling comfortable. When talking about the best countries to work in the world we must take into account other factors, such as being able to achieve a good balance between job, family, and leisure.

When taking a glance around the world, what undoubtedly comes to mind is the lack of such balance in most nations. The US for instance does not require employers to offer their workers paid vacation time, whereas in the European Union, this mandate is implemented thoroughly. If we take into account other aspects, such as mandatory maternity leave or the amount of hours worked per week, we come to an interesting conclusion: Americans simply work too much in comparison to the population of other developed nations. So which are the best countries to work in the world? Well, after carefully analyzing data regarding vacation time, maternity leave, job/leisure balance, and overall work hours, we have come up with the following list.

10. Germany

Working just 27.8 hours per week on average, Germans enjoy some of the shortest work-days amongst OECD countries. Yet despite working far less than others, living standards in Germany are very high, meaning you actually have time to enjoy your salary.

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