15 Most Fun, Exciting Countries in the World

If you have itchy feet and want to find fun countries to research, the best travel destination for you would be one of our 15 most fun, exciting countries in the world!

When you have the travel bug it is hard to keep still, isn’t it? So many countries to visit, and so little time! Admit it, travel is your thing, and you’re getting excited at the very thought of booking an airplane ticket. Or a bus ticket. Or a train ticket. Never mind, as long as you keep traveling! Why do people indulge traveling so much? There are several good reasons for it. Meeting new cultures expands your knowledge and makes you more open-minded and acceptable of differences, and more tolerant, too. Secondly, it helps you become more independent. Whether you are a traveler or a tourist, there are situations when you’ll be left on your own to find your way. Sometimes that implies trying to talk in sign language since the locals don’t understand a word of what you’re saying. To summarize, each trip is a great opportunity to have fun and explore new countries or cities.

15 Most Fun, Exciting Countries in the World


In order to find the most fun, exciting countries in the world, we first searched for the most fun countries to visit and found a list of fun countries at TravelSkills. Most of the interviewees were in their twenties and thirties, and they were asked to determine how many fun days per month they have and if they could say whether they have fun on most days. Next, we looked for excitement at Traveller, EscapeHere, Wanderlust, and Business Insider. The countries that had the most recommendations from all these sources were ranked at the very top of our list. Naturally, there were some matches when it comes to prominence. In those cases, we had three criteria. First, the fun factor influenced its ranking. The country which was ranked higher in the official list of fun countries was also in a higher position in our list of most fun and exciting countries in the world. Secondly, since fun usually equals excitement, we accepted the countries that were recommended by the travel sites as super exciting. The country which had better recommendations (meaning it was listed twice as the most exciting as the whole country, not once as the most exciting and once as having the most exciting city) came higher on our list. All in all, we can verify that these are without a doubt the best countries to visit in 2017. By the way, make sure you stray away from these most boring cities in the world, and heaven forbids that you pay a visit to most boring countries to live in. No thrills and chills there.

Are you ready to start? We can say these are not only most fun, exciting countries in the world, but also the most beautiful countries to visit, too. What else could you ask for? Beauty and fun, all in one! Read on and cross them off your bucket list!