15 Funny Bumble Bios for Females

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Dear ladies, summer is a great time to get back into the game, and today’s compilation of funny Bumble bios for females is going to put you on the right path. After all, being funny is sexy.

In case some of the gentlemen accidentally strayed here while searching for funny Bumble bios for males, we strongly suggest you not to waste your time, and go straight to our piece on clever Bumble bios for guys. And yes, we know that even though some of you are feeling a bit disadvantaged by the fact you can’t message a woman until she decides to swipe right on you, remember that man are by nature hunters, and that many of you are enjoying the Bumble chase.

Funny Bumble Bios for Females


But, to get back to our girls — the best way to start your summer of love is to put a proper effort into writing a bio that will get you back on that horse. So, stop spending your days reading dating app success stories and let the story write itself. Luckily, we decided to inspire you with some witty Bumble bios for female (listed below). Along with Bumble profile examples for females, we bring you some writing tips and tricks as well, to help you when making your first appearance on online dating stage. After all, we know that brainstorming on what to write in your dating profile can be pretty exhausting.

So, first of all, be creative and exciting, and keep it short — the fewer is better, and that way you won’t be tempted to brag too much. The best advice is, to be honest, and true to who you are. As we already mentioned in our previous piece dedicated to Best Bumble Bios For Girls, having a good profile picture is “a must” when it comes to making a good (digital) first impression. Also, use your bio as a conversation starter by listing sets of things you’re interested in. Another great idea is to come up with a bio that relates to debatable or controversial topics. That way you are definitely getting off to a good start. Putting in use your favorite quote from a movie, song or a TV show is also a way to go, while straightforward and honest “about me” type of bio is always an option. The best part is that with these tips in mind you can easily score on Tinder as well, while our compilations of witty and funny Tinder bios for females are a great way to put yourself out there.

In the search for funny Bumble profile ideas for women that will get all the right swipes, we’ve got inspired by Techwebsites‘ and Zoosk‘s compilations of simple Tinder bios for female, while IcebreakerIdeas‘ and Woman‘s articles on Bumble bios provided us with some great examples. After having a good laugh, we decided we had to share some of our favorites with you. So, without further ado let’s take a peek into our list of funny Bumble bios for females.

15. Pros and Cons #1

We’re starting with some of the most popular Bumble bios templates, that are popular among both ladies and gentleman, being a fun way of sharing your factoids.

-decent credit score.
-always down for Thai takeout.
-flexible hips and morals.

-daddy issues.
-terrible cook.

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