15 Witty Tinder Bio Examples for Girls

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15 witty Tinder bio examples for girls are great for you to use if you wish for your introduction to be witty and flirty, rather than straightforward slutty.

We’re mentioning the latter because it’s a fact that while looking for best tinder descriptions for girls all you seem to be encountering are examples such as “I love balls,” or “I give great…” Well, you can assume. And it’s perfectly fine for examples of sexy and popular Tinder bio lines, no doubt about it. But here we’re trying to be witty and provoke some interest without specifically boasting about our lady-parts. That comes later. After all, our title only says “witty”. If you’re looking for steaming hot and funny Tinder bio examples for guys and girls, we’ve already covered it in 25 Best Tinder Profile Taglines, Captions and Bio Lines and 15 Funny Tinder Bios for Girls.

Witty Tinder Bio Examples for Girls

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The first step was to find out what guys want to read about and what makes them swipe right instantly. So we took a look at Galore Mag and How to Get the Guy. Now would be the time to share the wisdom with you. We’d like to use “in a nutshell” phrase here, but it seems they can be just as complicated as the opposite sex. Most of the time is dedicated to what male population absolutely hates, and these would be: dogs. Or pictures with dogs. There are just too many girls out there screaming about their love for puppies, etc. Next, one of the biggest turn-offs is a line saying “height requirement.” Even if they match it, they’ll already be annoyed and have a too low opinion of you to swipe right. “Netflix and chill” are also on the blacklist. It’s just too corny. What’s even worse than all this is writing that you’re not looking for a hookup. Or not writing anything at all, period. Last but not the least, they don’t want a comedian. Therefore, we avoided all of these at all costs. No puppies, no Netflix and definitely no to all Tinder female bios that are way too goofy. Witty is OK, but any vague attempts of being ridiculously funny were ruled out. Such as “I drink more way more than I should. No, I don’t wear extensions. That’s my real hair. I’m obsessed with asparagus and donkeys.”

As for what the stronger sex likes… Well, it seems they aren’t that complicated. They’re rather visual creatures, so one can wonder do they even read Tinder bios (yes, they do. They hate empty taglines, remember?). Your photo should be of you smiling and flirting. If you haven’t got one, call your BFF and make one asap! As for the non-physical characteristics… Hmmm… Supposedly they like if you have a sense of humor (so you could laugh at their own jokes). Also, we believe the mention of some food or alcoholic beverage is an excellent trigger. Everybody pays attention to the things they like, right? So, if you have a sexy pic with a smile, and you mention wine and dine in a witty way, you’ve got yourself the best Tinder bio for girls! Let’s see now how we found them.

It’s harsh out here for a b…. girl. While it’s super easy to find best tinder Taglines for guys, looking for witty Tinder bios when you’re a female is a real quest. If we take it from the internet, it seems that boys are doing all the work trying to come up with some witty, sexy, swipe-right Tinder bio lines for guys recipe. The internet is swarming with them. But for real good, yet simple Tinder bios female, we searched through Ask Men (well, who else), The Chive, The Sun, and Tumblr. The lines are witty and correspond to the mentioned criteria. Our list is random since there isn’t a 100% reliable criterion which one is the best. After all, we’re all unique individuals, aren’t we? Also, we’ll be giving you suggestions what kind of information you can adjust to suit yourself. Pay attention to details!

Now, are you single and ready to mingle? Get your best profile photo taken and check out these 15 witty Tinder bio examples for girls!

15. “Opera-loving, nightclub-dancing, romcom fan.

Yea, it’s a weird mix ;) I live to travel and see new places. More of a city than a country girl. Looking for a guy to read books and eat brunch with on Sundays.”

 OK, we believe he has more than enough information to be intrigued. You’ve said everything and didn’t mention any dogs. This is as girly and witty as Tinder can be.

Witty Tinder Bio Examples for Girls

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