25 Best Bumble Bios For Girls

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Dear ladies, if you’re hesitant when it comes to online dating, you’re on the right place since we sourced the Internet and made a compilation of best Bumble bios for girls. So, let’s find out what all the buzz is about, shall we?

The Bumble is definitely among the best dating sites for those shy and reserved, however, at the same time, it’s also a playground for those making quips off the top of their head. Did you know that Bumble is the brainchild of Whitney Wolf Herd, who’s also a co-founder of Tinder, and that it was initially designed for “wonderful women still waiting around for men to ask them out,” For those who “had been making in workplaces and corridors of power?” It’s been five years since its inception, and this “feminist dating app” has more than 50 million users. Moreover, half of them are men which is why finding clever bumble bios for guys is just as easy as finding bumble profile examples for female.

Best Bumble Bios For Girls

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So, how does Bumble work? Well, the main goal is to make that other person swipe right, like with Tinder. However, there’s a catch – after swiping and matching, the woman has to “suck it up” and message the man first. So, it’s about women taking the first move and having power and control over the conversation, at least for starters. And just like in Cinderella, the time for matching is limited and lasts for 24 hours. After that, it’s up to the princes to make their move and extend a match for one extra day (also, buying a new pair of shoes won’t hurt). So, there’s an answer to how does Bumble work for guys.

This difference is, in fact, essential when it comes to Tinder vs. Bumble comparison. While swiping along in Bumble, swift judgments based on someone’s appearance only can be contra productive since that way you’re missing the point of matching and finding someone to chill and talk with. Also, posting naughty pictures won’t get you more matches on Bumble either. For that, Tinder might be the smarter choice. After all, it’s considered more of a hookup app, with men being the ones making the first step (swipe). We’re sorry guys, but most of you are just trying to get laid. Of course, chicks aren’t far from that either. Still, they seem to be desperate romantics in both cases as evidenced in the list of cute Tinder bio examples (female).

So, gents, if you’re not particularly witty and charming but you’re willing to make gals intrigued at first glance, some good Bumble bios for male can easily be found on the Internet, so don’t worry. Also, try out some useful tips like having a killer first photo showing your big smile and eyes without sunglasses, and also emphasizing what makes you different from others. But above all, if you’re wondering how to get a good Bumble profile, the answer is: be honest. It’s simple as that. Ultimately, the main goal is to make your Bumble profile standing out among a million others, right?

But, let’s get back to our ladies and give them what they came for, great Bumble bios. Compiling such list was, to be fair, quite easy since girls are definitely witty and clever when trying to catch a lad. We got inspired by reading a bunch of other articles on the topic, such as The DateMix’ piece on Bumble’s profile and bio examples and tips, Women.com’s compilation of bio ideas, latest Photofeeler’s post on Bumble’s tips and tricks, etc. As usual, we consulted the public opinion on the subject and searched for best Bumble bios on Reddit. After having a good laugh, we decided to sum up only the funniest, bravest and cutest Bumble bio ideas.

So, forget about being fumbling and bumbling and choose among the best Bumble bios for girls below.

25. Pizza is always the answer!

“Just looking for a guy who will look at me the way I look at pizza.”

And who doesn’t like it?

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