15 Countries with the Highest Asthma Rates in the World

Asthma is a debilitating disease, and if you take a look at the list of countries with the highest asthma rates in the world, you will be absolutely appalled to know just how many people succumb to asthma.

If you are wondering where is asthma more common in the world? Then the answer would be, the disease is interestingly more prevalent in developed countries as compared to developing countries. However, due to better healthcare opportunities, the death toll is much less in developed countries. Unfortunately, asthma patients are not so fortunate in underprivileged countries, where the death toll is going up each year. Just take a look at the 11 Worst Countries for People with Asthma, and you will understand. So basically if we go by asthma rates by country, we would have to say that there are more asthma patients in developed countries than in developing or underdeveloped countries. One more interesting thing to note here is that, in developed countries,  people belonging to middle/lower class income groups seem to contract the disease, but in underdeveloped/developing countries the affluent classes are more prone to the diseases. No one is really sure why the results happen to be like this though. However, the most noteworthy theory is that consumption of genetically modified foods has something to do with triggering allergic reactions and thus the prevalence of asthma. In developed countries the middle/lower class consumers consume the highest amount of genetically modified food, and in developing or under developed countries the rich are more likely to consume genetically modified foods, but that is just a theory and it’s not been proven yet.

15 Countries with the Highest Asthma Rates in the World

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Asthma is more common in children, but it can occur much later in life in adulthood as well. In the United States, there are many states where there is an alarmingly high number of children afflicted by asthma. Take a look at 10 States with The Highest Childhood Asthma Rates in The U.S., if you want to know which states fall into this category. Asthma can be an extremely difficult disease to live with, as asthma patients find it very hard to breathe during an attack. An attack can be triggered by anything from simple pollen to dust particles or even just cold weather, so it can hit you anytime, anywhere. It is extremely important for a patient to identify what triggers their attack so that they can then avoid coming into contact with those elements to keep safe. If you are an asthma patient, then you will definitely like to know about the 11 Best Cities To Live For People With Asthma In The World, as it will make your life a little easier.

If you do not have asthma, then you cannot understand how it feels when an attack happens. Many say it is like trying to breathe while holding your nostrils shut with your fingers, just to give you an idea. For our research regarding this topic, as usual we tried to find the most recent and most relevant data we could muster. But unfortunately data only exists for the year 2014 and there is no updated information yet. So, if you are looking for things like asthma statistics worldwide 2016, prevalence of asthma 2016, or epidemiology of asthma 2016 those data sets do not exist as of now. So we had to take a look at The Global Asthma Report 2014 for our data. You can also download the full report here. Since this is 2017, getting our hands on the global asthma report 2016 or even global asthma report 2015, would have helped a lot, but that is still simply just not possible. The Asthma prevalence 2015 report was not available yet either. So, to sum it up, we had to make do with what we have as far as information out there. We also sought help from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma And Immunology as well.

We have ranked the countries that were unfortunate enough to make it into the list of countries with the highest asthma rates in the world by the number of deaths from asthma per 100,000 residents. The higher the number of deaths, the more a country is suffering from the negative impacts of this deadly disease. As we mentioned before, you can expect the list to mainly be populated with underprivileged countries. However, that does not mean that asthma is not a cause of concern in developed countries as well. As for the rankings, the higher the death rate, the higher we have placed a country.

Let’s get our list of countries with the highest asthma rates in the world on the way.