11 Best Cities To Live For People With Asthma In The World

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It doesn’t make sense to live somewhere that makes breathing difficult, which is why we created this list of the best cities to live for people with asthma in the world.

Living with asthma is hard, and it’s often a challenge to find a place with a suitable environment so you can breathe easy. Asthma is either related to allergies or physical activity, but it’s often both of those factors that contribute. I know a lot of people with asthma who have to carry around their inhalers in case they have an asthma attack while they’re outside. One time when I was in elementary school, someone had an asthma attack in the lunch line and had to go to the hospital. It was quite scary and it proves that it can often be the weather that causes asthma symptoms to flare up.

11 Best Cities To Live For People With Asthma

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Asthma is when the airways become inflamed and narrow, which makes breathing difficult. It can also cause chest pains and wheezing. It’s a chronic and incurable disease and everyone has different triggers. It is, however, very treatable and sufferers can still function normally. I think it’s best if those with more severe asthma find places that have suitable weather and environmental conditions to make sure breathing is as thoughtless as possible. Some places that are perfect for those with asthma might coincide with the countries with the best climate in the world.

The best cities for asthma sufferers are ones with low pollution indexes and temperate weather. In order to create this list, we took pollution index statistics from Numbeo. After finding the cities with the lowest pollution index, we found weather information from Pleasant Weather Ratings and Holiday Weather to find out what the average annual temperature in each of those places is. We took the average of those data to create our rankings.

You can start to breathe easy with the best cities to live for people with asthma in the world.

11. Stockholm, Sweden

Pollution Index: 16.27

Average Annual Temperature: 44.5

A few years ago, Stockholm started charging an additional fee for driving in the center of the city during rush hour. This significantly lowered the pollution index. The air quality here makes it a great place for people with asthma.

11 Best Cities To Live For People With Asthma

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