15 Best Countries for Black Families to Live

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If you’re considering moving abroad, and your family is African America, you might enjoy our list of 15 best countries for black families to live.

Because some countries would be better choices than others, no doubt, and you want to be in a country that’s sure to give you a warm welcome. Not some of the worst countries for black tourists or visitors, but countries where dark skin is considered beautiful.

That’s most likely going to be a country that already has many black citizens, and is racially integrated. This will ensure you can find a good job and be treated properly in your new country. Remember how it felt to be left out on the playground in elementary school? Let’s try to avoid experiencing that feeling again by avoiding all the bully countries that aren’t all that friendly to blacks. However, some of these countries on our list may surprise you. Because one of the countries with largest black population (Nigeria) is not even on this list. European countries with the highest black populations also struggled.

While some we listed do consist of black races (which explains why they would be racially tolerant), others have predominantly fair-skinned races, and they’re countries with no black population. In fact, according to our research, some white countries almost respond better to blacks than others whose skin color is a darker tone (such as those of the Middle East).

Best Countries for Black Families to Live


To form our list of best countries for black families to live, we consulted other lists across the internet along the same lines, including Black Enterprise’s Best Places to Live as an Expat, The Root’s 5 Places Black People Can Move To, Insider Monkey’s 10 Best Countries to Raise a Black Family, Expat King’s 10 Best Countries to Retire To for Black Men, Quora’s “What countries are the safest for a black man to live?”, Atlanta Black Star’s Best Places for Black People to Live, TheGrio’s 5 Places Black People Can Move, Washington Post’s Most and Least Racially Tolerant Countries, and Quora’s “What’s the least racist country for black people?.”

On the other hand, we also consulted sources that told us the opposite like Daily Mail’s Most Racist Countries, and Insider Monkey’s 13 Worst Countries in Europe and Asia for Black People to Live.

We started each country at zero and awarded a point each time it was mentioned in one of the lists above as racially tolerant. However, for countries that were called “least racially tolerant” we subtracted a point. This allowed us to truly show a wide range of countries that are welcoming to anyone of a black race. But keep in mind that everyone has their own opinion about who and what is considered racist. So if you’ve had a bad experience in one of the countries below, don’t write us off. We’re simply telling you the overall opinion that the reputable sites above add up to.

And if you’re looking to simply vacation in another country as an African American family, check out our list of 10 best countries for African Americans to visit.

So without further ado, here it is — 15 best countries for black families to live. We are starting off with the five countries which share the 11th place on our list. Hope you enjoy!

11. Colombia

2 points

Afro-Colombians actually hold significant influence over Colombian culture.

 Best Countries for Black Families to Live

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