10 Most Racist Countries in Asia

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In these 10 most racist countries in Asia racism is alive and well. A race is a social construct, a concept, an idea that only exists in people’s mind. Numerous anthropologists, genetics and other scientists have emphasized that biological races do not exist. Although race does not exist, racism does. You will see in this article that racism can take many different forms and it is not only confined to a division between black and white people…. For instance, in Arab countries divisions between poor expat community and rich natives is based on the same logic and has same consequences as the opposition between people of different skin color.

Palestinian writer Susan Abulhawa explains that people in Arab countries don’t have a racial consciousness similar to the one existing in the western world. However, these societies are divided into many levels and one of the most obvious and a dangerous divisions is between natives and expats. Foreigners who work in menial jobs are often perceived as less worthy citizens and human beings. The laws do not protect them in any way and they are left at the mercy of their employers who can exploit and abuse them with impunity. Besides poor expats, refugees are another group which has become the target of racist behavior and violence in recent years.

0 Most Racist Countries in Asia


In creating the list of 10 most racist countries in Asia we applied the same method as in our article 25 Most Raciest Countries in the World. We relied on information from World Value Survey 2010-2014 which included two questions relevant for this ranking. One asked respondents whether they would not like having as a neighbor people of different race and the other asked how often participants witnessed racist behavior in their neighborhood. We ranked countries by percent of people who would not like to be living near people of different race and also by percent of people who said that racist behavior was present in their neighborhood. Finally, we calculated average ranking to come up with this list of most racist countries in Asia. Countries which have the same average ranking are placed in alphabetic order.

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