11 Most Sexually Liberal Cities in the World in 2018

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Woody Allen once said, “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer” – so if you’ve ever wondered where people have this perception of sex, then check out our list of 11 most sexually liberal cities in the world in 2018.

Some people still have a limited view when it comes to this human experience. On the other side, fortunately, there are places in the world which are definitely sex-positive, especially after the 1960s and the Sexual Revolution, also known as Sexual Liberation. The Revolution brought normalization of contraception and the pill, public nudity, pornography, and homosexuality. Given the different economic and political circumstances, its intensity varied in countries worldwide, even in different parts of some countries. The sexual revolution was more welcomed in Northern Europe than in conservative countries such as Spain and Italy. In the US, however, the trends of the sexual revolution are accepted more quickly in traditionally liberal environments like San Francisco, for example, and our list of most sexually active cities in America proves that. It should also be considered that the traditional attitude towards sexuality, was “more relaxed” in Catholic than in Protestant countries and environments.

Most Sexually Liberal Cities in the World in 2018

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Today, we are witnessing some changes in this regard, for example, India is a conservative country where talking about sex is still a taboo, but recent surveys are breaking stereotypes about the idea of sexual life in this country. A survey conducted by an online sex shop provided us with a list of most sexually active states in India (from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh). By looking only these factors, the most sexually active cities in India, are Mumbai at the 1st place, while the country’s capital – Delhi, is in the second place.

But, let’s see how we determined which are the most sexually liberal cities in the world in 2018. Luckily for us, the members of the Lazeeva team wanted to find out which parts of the world are the most sexually satisfied. They surveyed over 200 cities from around the world in ten categories, some of them being sexual activity and satisfaction of its citizens, among others. In addition, they made a list of most sexually active cities in 2017, including data on sexual experimentation, consumption of sex-toys, as well as adult entertainment and swinger culture. They also believe that “to be truly sexually liberated, a city needs to have good access to modern contraception, a positive attitude to LGBT community and equal rights for everyone.” Most sexually liberal countries need to have a good ranking score regarding all of these factors. So, we compared Lazeeva’s results with Durex Global Research that studied global sexual satisfaction in order to understand what are the physical and the emotional drivers of satisfaction, stating that the most important ones are an exciting sex life and being free from sexual dysfunction. Finally, we consulted a few of our lists on the topic, namely the one concerning the most sexually active countries in the world in 2018, and also 16 Most Sexually Active Cities in the World and 15 Most Sexually Open Countries in the World, both being based on the data from the last year. We used the latest data we could find, and since we’re in the first half of 2018, the situation when it comes to the level of sexual liberty in the cities below can’t be much different compared to the last year.

So, let’s check out the list of easiest cities to get laid, or in other words, most sexually liberal cities in the world in 2018:

11. Barcelona

If you’ve watched Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, then you understand why this city ended up on our list. If you didn’t, well, we strongly suggest to watch it, and not just because of Javier Bardem. Barcelona is one of the most sexually liberal cities out there and a jewel among the cities that fully embraced the LGBT community. But, when it comes to the access to contraception, the city ranked quite low.

Most Sexually Liberal Cities in the World in 2018

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