15 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World in 2018

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If this topic doesn’t interest you, I don’t know which one will – which are the most sexually active countries in the world in 2018?

This is something both women and men have in common – they like sex. However, there are many differences in how we perceive it. Traditionally, women are considered to be the emotional ones, who always get attached after having sexual intercourse, while the men can sleep with many women without being emotionally involved. Has this image changed? I would say one big YES. There has been a shift when it comes to the what men and women want when it comes to sex. Nowadays, it seems that women aren’t the sensitive ones in a relationship. Most of the women these days don’t mind having a one-night stand. If we go back in history, this would be an unimaginable assumption. Therefore, a lot of studies are conducted mostly on women and their sexual activities. One of them is the research of the most sexually active cities in the world, which will be mentioned in the text that follows.

Most Sexually Active Countries in the World in 2018

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If we think on a larger scale, the question is: which are the most sexually open countries? What comes first on the top of my mind is Germany, and precisely Berlin. This city is so liberal that they have clubs in which you can enter in your black latex suit – being men or women is not of importance. That’s why, I would also put it on the list of the most sexually active countries in Europe, right beside the romantic Italians. As we promote openness in this text, let’s not just think in terms of Europe. When it comes to the most sexually active countries in Africa, on the top of that list is Nigeria. If we go further, in Asia, that would be Malaysia. Furthermore, when sex industry is mentioned, Thailand and the Philippines are the first countries that pop into your mind, right? Unfortunately, these countries are having a lot of problems with illegal prostitution. In America, most sexually active states are considered to be California and Texas. On the other hand, the least sexually active countries in the world would be Hong Kong and Japan. Finally, we leave you with one question that you can either think about or even answer in the comment section below: which is, in your opinion, the most sexually active race?

Our list of the most sexually active countries in the world in 2018 was created in a few steps. First, we singled out the most repeated suggestions from the already existing lists of the most sexually active countries on Discover KL, Pagal Parrot, to name a few. Then, we compared the results with the Durex Global research on the most sexually satisfied countries in the world. Finally, we made another comparison with the research on cities where women are having the most sex. We gave it a point every time a country was mentioned, and in that manner, we made our ranking. So, the list goes from the least sexually active country to the most sexually active country in the world. Considering we are at the beginning of the year 2018, we think that the data from 2017 couldn’t change much. Moreover, there is still no data for this year. Also, if you want to make a comparison, we suggest you take a look at our previous article – 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World.

Now, let’s find out the results of our little research!

15. China

Well, I think we can all agree that the Chinese population wouldn’t be so huge if they were sexually inactive, right? If we look at the Durex research, we can see that they are in the 12th place of the most sexually satisfied countries.

Most Sexually Active Countries in the World in 2018

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