11 Most Famous Ghosts in the World

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The 11 most famous Ghosts in the world answers perhaps one of the most debatable questions: Are ghosts real? But the countless reports and sightings can’t be denied. And, like the 11 Most Famous Abandoned Places in the World, there’s definitely something spooky about ghosts.

Especially ghosts who have haunted family after family for centuries. These ghosts come from all across the world, from London to Switzerland to the United States. Another observation is that the majority of them are female. Guess women really do have enchanting powers.

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To truly discover the most famous ghosts, we went to twelve reputable ghost-listing sites including Live Science and Legends of America. We then ranked the ghosts by how often they were listed on the sites. Each mention warranted one point, though the most points any ghost received was 7. Let’s just say, there’s a wide variety of famous ghosts in the world, but these are at the top.

Some scratch walls, some moan and weep, some scream, some hitchhike, some have glowing eyes, but all terrify. Horror stories have come from residents or visitors to these locations throughout the ages of time. Because after all, how do you kill a ghost?

Prepare to be spooked as you learn about the most famous ghosts in the world. And be sure to watch out for them. One may be peering over your shoulder at this very moment.

11. Tower of London Ghost – 3 points

This is known as one of the most haunted locations in Britain. And it’s no wonder, because all manner of executions, imprisonments and torture have occurred within its stone walls.

tower-bridge-768780_1280 11 Most Famous Ghosts in the World

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