11 Most Famous Abandoned Places in the World

When you visit some abandoned place, there is something scary and beautiful about it at the same time; we wanted to make our unique list of the most famous abandoned places in the world and to find out why people actually visit them?

Abandoned places usually attract visitors because of the mysterious stories behind them. There is something weird about the places that were left empty after natural disasters, wars or economical  downfall. Some of those places even became tourist attractions and destinations! Sometimes, horror movies and action thrillers are filmed in abandoned places and cities. Left in a hurry, they look like pictures of places frozen in time, haunted places… Speaking of the haunted places, let us remind you that we have already published  the article 6 Most Haunted Cities in America.

Greg Amptman/Shutterstock.com

Greg Amptman/Shutterstock.com

People are attracted to these places because they want to see cities, towns or islands that were once crowded by its inhabitants and then left in a hurry. If you want to visit some unusual destination rather then just spend your holiday at the seaside, there are plenty of strange and surreal places recommended by well-known tourist guides (Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Intelligent Travel National Geographic…) and well-known photographers of abandoned places (Henk van Rensbergen, Niki Feijen…).

11. Ordos city, China

Ordos city officials launched the creation of a new one million person city district in 2003. 90 percent of housing units constructed in the city’s Kangbashi New Area lay vacant. Ordos city is now well-known as „Ghost City“ all around the world. Adam James Smith and Song Ting shot documentary film „The Land of Many Places“  about the city. They beleive that the population acctualy increased over the years and that one day in the near future, this town will no longer be abandoned.

 Most Famous Abandoned Places in the World Ordos city, China