11 Busiest Highways in America

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If you are from America and you are traveling a lot by car, you have probably found yourself on one of these 11 busiest highways in America.

For a common man who is trying to get on time to work, or for a trucker that has a tight deadline for a delivery, there is nothing worse than a traffic jam. The clock is ticking, you are running out of time, and the traffic is slow. It is a bit better if you are in one of 11 countries with the best roads in the world, but it’s still nerve wrecking. Unfortunately, the USA is not one of these countries.

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Car travelers in the USA are not losing just their time and nerves on busy highways; they are losing money as well, leaving their car running, while they are waiting for the car in front of them to inch their way through traffic. The USA is one of the countries that have most problems with traffic congestion. The situation is even worst during the holidays, when even non-frequent highways can be jammed and packed with cars.

It is estimated that in 2014, American travelers wasted 6.9 billion hours more than they should have and purchased an extra 3.1 billion gallons of fuel due to busy highways. The problem is getting more and more serious every year. Texas A&M Transportation Institute has found that in 1982, 18 hours and 4 gallons of fuel on average, per single vehicle, were wasted in the traffic, and now the figure stands at 42 hours and 19 gallons.

Because of this, we bring you 11 busiest highways in America according to the average annual daily traffic estimated by U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration so you can avoid them and find an alternative way, saving on time and fuel. This is the only relevant list that covers the highways themselves, since all the others are based just on the area. Featured on the list are the most crowded parts (urban areas) of the highways in America. To give you the most accurate data, we checked out how many times did the parts of the same highway appeared on the list, summed up their Average annual daily traffic and got our ranking.

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