10 Most Famous Artifacts from the Ancient World

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People have always been fascinated by history and its mysteries, and our subject for today is the 10 most famous artifacts from the Ancient World. These unique objects can be found almost anywhere on the planet, and scientists and archeologists  have been discovering them for many decades and even centuries. These ancient artifacts are the testament of distant and mysterious times, telling us a story of the people who lived before us. The importance of the discoveries is priceless, and it cannot be measured by any criteria that we know. We cannot say that one is more important than another, but we can try to list the most famous ones, like we did with the most famous sculptures in the world. By learning from the past and ancient civilizations, we will be able to understand better our place in the world and hope for a brighter future.

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During the last century, a large collection of artifacts was found. Many of them helped scientists reveal some mysteries, but there were others that were actually confusing them. The term “out-of-place artifact” refers to an object that was found in unusual or even impossible conditions, considering our knowledge. These objects are still a mystery to the scientists, and we hope they will provide relevant answers in the near future.

While we looked for the most famous artifacts, we came across some already published lists on this topic. Since there are many notable discoveries, we were influenced by one of the most prestigious magazines on the planet – National Geographic, to help us create our list. We also took into consideration the published works of Ancient-Origines and Hub Pages, to have detailed insights into the theme. Finally, we were able to create our list by combining these resources. To rank the artifacts we used Google Keyword Planner Tool to check their popularity on Google, and added 1 point for every 100 searches per month. After that, we also took into consideration the museum’s annual visit number in which the artifact is exhibited and added 1 point for every 100 000 visitors on an annual level. Calculating the total score of these two criteria we can rank the artifacts correctly and according to their popularity.

Let’s see the list of the 10 most famous artifacts from the Ancient World; hope you will learn something new and interesting.

10. The Baghdad Battery

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During the excavations of a 2000 years old village next to Baghdad, archeologist came across a mysterious vase. Today it found its place at Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum). The vase is 6 inches high, and it was made from yellow clay. It also has a copper cylinder in the center of the jar. This strange object was a mystery until Wilhelm Konig examined it in 1938 and had some astonishing discoveries. The vase was an electrical battery, and this artifact is more than a millennia older from batteries invented by Alessandro Volta. Research shows that the Parthians brought these batteries during the occupation of Iraq (248 BC and 226 CE), and it is speculated that they inherited it from civilizations before them, making this artifact even older.

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