Top 11 Selling Chocolate Bars in the World

Chocolate is the business to be in, and that’s illustrated by the top 11 selling chocolate bars in the world. It’s one product the world will always buy. It’s stress-relieving, delicious, addicting, and even in some cases, good for you. And the whole world knows it. For proof of that, read the 11 countries that consume the most chocolate in the world.

Chocolate is, in fact, the most popular candy in the world, according to Bloomberg Business, followed by chewing gum. And our top selling chocolate bars come from all around the world, from Switzerland to the United Kingdom to the United States. Who knew chocolate was such a universal product?

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Each of the top 11 selling chocolate bars in the world is ranked by annual sales in millions. Most of our findings come from Bloomberg Business, which mentions that their data was achieved from IRI, a Chicago-based consumer-market research company. It includes supermarkets, drugstores, convenience stores and other mass-market retailers, excluding Walmart.

Some on this list you may have never heard of. Others are sold at every convenience store within your 50- mile radius. Others may surprise you. For instance, did you know that two chocolate bars in the world beat the world-famous Hershey’s? And were you under the impression that Milky Way bars were named for our galaxy?

Find out the scoop on these raving bars of goodness when you read the top 11 selling chocolate bars in the world. And grab a few candy bars to munch on while you read. You’re sure to experience cravings.

11. Heath – $60 million

This bar is made of English toffee and milk chocolate. What better combination is there than that?

toffee-525496_1280 Top 11 Selling Chocolate Bars in the World