11 Most Affordable Places to Live in Europe in 2017

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Do you know which are the most affordable places to live in Europe in 2017?

When I started writing about this topic, the question that tickled me the most was: is it more interesting to live in a smaller city or the capital? If we take into account opportunities, capitals are definitely the best choice as everything is happening there. From cultural and political events to the dynamic nightlife, capitals offer a lot! On the other hand, they are usually more expensive than the other cities in one country. But, I didn’t give much emphasis on that issue because many capitals in Europe are way cheaper than some regular cities in expensive countries such as Norway, Switzerland, and others. So, the choice was clear; I will include only the capitals of Europe. Now comes the hard part – how to determine which are the cheapest cities in Europe to live?

To clear out immediately, cheapest places to live in Europe that speak English aren’t on our list. However, each of these cities is quite touristic, so there won’t be any major problems in communication. But then I wondered which are the cheapest English speaking countries to live in? Not to spoil it, I won’t mention anything, but I would advise you to read about it in our previous article about cheapest places to live in the world that speak English. If we talk about visiting a place and living in it, there is obvious a big difference. Some places are known as the cheapest countries to buy a house in, such as for example Helsinki, according to Telegraph. That could be seen as one of the indicators when making the list of cheapest countries to live in Europe that we also compiled a while ago. Then, on the other hand, we know which are the most expensive cities in Europe to visit: Paris, Luxembourg, Munich, and Zurich, just to name few. Also, in Scandinavia, it would definitely be Oslo, with having to pay around 20 euros for a bear in the club!

In order to make our list of most affordable places to live in Europe in 2017, we took a couple of suggestions from resources such as Expatistan and Price of Travel, to name few. Out of the most repeating suggestions, we picked out eleven of them. Then we consulted Numbeo and ranked only the capitals of countries according to the cost of living. Additionally, we put information about the cost of living in each city. This can give you a clue about the cost of living in Europe. If you are more interested in the cost of living in Europe by country, check out the Numbeo’s database. Nevertheless, what would be interesting and practical to know if you decide to move to some of the European cities are the cheapest places to fly into Europe from US. Moreover, if you want to move to a tropical paradise, then check out the list of cheapest places to live in the world on the beach. Now, let’s get back to our topic and see the list of most affordable places to live in Europe in 2017.

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