10 Cheapest Countries to Live In Europe

Usually visiting Europe would mean spending a lot but with some research on the cheapest countries to live in Europe we can have a time of our lives without hurting our budget too much. This research has just been made easy with our list.

There is no doubt that European cities and its famous destinations are well known for their high standard of living and expensive for tourists but this should not bog you down as through the remaining of this article, we will make your visit to Europe cheap and pocket friendly. There has been a downward trend in the pricing of hotel accommodation and airfares to and from Europe, which is bound to make your visit not only fun but economical too. When we talk about hotels and accommodation, if 5-star is not what you are looking for then you can even save some more money. Countries like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, & Russia have cheapest hotel prices. Other European countries like Norway, France & Sweden have comparatively expensive hotel rooms but they are still very cheap if you compare it with rates of hotels in New York. For people looking to explore the whole world rather than Europe only will also be interested in our list of 10 cheapest countries to live in the world.
Many people dream of living in Europe but this dream can be very costly if you pick countries like England, Austria or France  (and especially their capitals.) Now having said that, you can still explore the beauty and culture of Europe without having too much of budget constraints. Do you know that with all the hype about the high cost of living associated with Europe you will still find some of the cheapest cities in the world here? Sounds exciting? We bet it does. For all the travel crazy people and expats, it is time to debunk all the myths and explore the beautiful Europe on a budget that suits you. The rest of this article will reveal the cheapest countries to live in Europe – You will come across many names in the list which you might not have heard before but you can truly experience the real color of Europe in every single country mentioned in the list below. Let’s dive right in!