11 Cheapest Places To Fly Into Europe From US

With the summer only a couple of months away, you might be thinking about traveling to Europe, in which case it will be useful to know what are the 11 cheapest places to fly into Europe from US. Many European cities are beautiful places, each with their own unique culture and architecture, so no matter where you go, you’ll have a good time.

While researching information for this article, I was shocked at the prices of various flights. I had an idea that transcontinental flights from the U.S were not going to be cheap, but for Europeans like myself, the prices probably look even more expensive. That’s because in Europe we have low-cost carriers like Ryanair Holdings plc (ADR) (NASDAQ:RYAAY), EasyJet, and WizzAir, where you can buy flights for as cheap as $11. Yes, it comes with lots of trade-offs; you have to pay extra for the luggage, as you are generally allowed only once piece of carry-on, and snacks are very overpriced. And, you might not be very comfortable, as the company crams the airplane with more seats. The last time I flew from Germany to Spain, I paid a little bit more because I wanted a seat by the window, but I wasn’t careful with selecting seats online, so I ended up sitting next to a “wall”, as my row was located between two windows. But, in general, flying low cost is totally worth it, as it offers a great opportunity to travel, especially for students for whom money is often a problem.

11 Cheapest Places To Fly Into Europe From US

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I intentionally mentioned low-cost carriers, as Ryanair Holdings plc (ADR) (NASDAQ:RYAAY) recently promised that it will launch flights from Europe to the U.S, with prices starting from $10, and it’s something that we should be looking forward to. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what offers are currently available.

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To compile the list of destinations, I used Google Flights (maybe not the best flight search website, but it’s the easiest and fastest). I picked the four largest cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, and then searched for flights from those cities to Europe. The dates selected for the round-trip were any week in July, so the actual prices may be different depending on the starting point and the time period. Then for each destination I calculated the averages and sorted the city based on these values.

Aside from listing the destinations in the list of the 11 cheapest places to fly into Europe from US, I also added some notes on the available flights and airlines that operate them. You might also want to check out the 10 best airlines to fly to Europe to make sure that you also have a positive flying experience.