15 Most Profitable Crops in the World

You probably investigated about most profitable plants to grow and sell when you came across this article about most profitable crops in the world. Your search has come to an end because this article will answer all of the questions about choosing the most profitable crops. I’m sure you probably heard someone bragging how they started to use superfoods as part of their everyday nutrition and how their energy levels changed afterward or how they wish that they started using these pretty expensive plants even before. Although many of them sound exotic and originally come from the Orient, most of this crops can be cultivated (almost) anywhere with the help of modern technology. Don’t worry; you can also become a cultivator of fancy superfoods and earn good money from it. So, to know where to start, you can take a look at our list of most expensive specialty crops in the world. It is a solid proof that you can earn a good living by the cultivation of these crops.

In order to draw maximum from the land you own, it is important to choose crops which will bring the most profit for you. If you want to know about most profitable crops for small farms, we’ve prepared an article on most profitable crops to grow on a small farm. Although many people think that you have to have a huge chunk of land to earn money from agriculture, this is not completely true. If you are smart enough to choose the right crop, you can earn a lot even on a small farm. Some of the most profitable agricultural crops per acre include hemp, garlic, ginseng, tomatoes and gourmet mushrooms. To see the rest of the list of best cash crops for 1 acre, take a look at our article about best cash crops with the highest profit per acre.

15 Most Profitable Crops in the World


Although some of the most profitable crops for greenhouse can be grown almost anywhere in the world, it is important to consider topographic features such as climate type, humidity and physical and chemical properties of the soil. Due to these factors, most profitable cash crops around the world differ and what is considered to be a high profit cash crop in India might not be a high profit cash crop in America. Even in India, most profitable cash crops vary depending on the location and climate. In some areas, most profitable crops include rice, daal (lentils) and cotton while in other parts of India farmers earn a lot of my by growing flowers.

Our investigation started with Insider Monkey’s articles on most expensive specialty crops, most profitable crops to grow on a small farm and cash crops with the highest profit per acre, we already mentioned above. Profitable Plants website provided additional information on most profitable cash crops to grow and how to use the land you have to its full capacity. Since the crops we’ve chosen for this list of most profitable crops in the world are not comparable in terms of pricing per measure units, yield per acre, or annual profit per acre, we’ve decided to rank them according to the average price per pound. It is a neat way to rank these crops according to their profitability. However, don’t forget that a lot depends on soil quality, climate and seed quality, meaning that annual harvest and profit can significantly fluctuate due to these factors. Now, let’s see our list of most profitable crops in the world.