11 Countries with the Worst Drivers in the World

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Driving might not be a very smooth affair in the 11 countries with the worst drivers in the world. These are the countries with the deadliest traffic conditions and road mishaps, owing to their notorious drivers and the general averseness to follow traffic rules.

It’s true that traffic conditions vary the world over. Some countries have less traffic, others face heavy road jams and traffic bottlenecks on a daily basis. Road hazards and accidents are also caused by bad road conditions sometimes. However, the fatalities by road crashes in these countries are so huge it can be generally inferred that there is some serious mismanagement in observing traffic rules and enforcement of laws. So if you are planning to go traveling in the future and prefer to do your own driving, you might want to keep a tab if your destination country is on our list or not. And, in case you find yourself landing in some of these countries, we recommend you look for alternatives to driving yourself.

The list we are looking at today has been based on the report by World Health Organization, which is a projection of road traffic death rate per 100000 of population. And, when we compare the results it is seen that most of these countries with the worst drivers in the world are developing nations.


On the contrary, there are the 11 Countries with the Best Drivers in the World where road conditions are a stark difference from the countries on the list at hand. When we draw comparisons with that list we can see most of the developed nations fall under there. So we suppose it has got a lot to do with road conditions, infrastructure and law enforcement. Stringent licensing laws for instance, can be a huge instrument in keeping driver recklessness in check. However, of course general quality of drivers and behavior may pose as a significant factor also. It seems the drivers in these countries might just be too aggressive on the road.

So buckle up as we deal with the list of the countries with the worst drivers in the world since this might just be a pretty rough ride!

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