11 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in Europe

If you are looking for the most attractive and good-looking women to meet, our list of countries with the most beautiful women in Europe is definitely a must-read material for you. Get ready, because we are presenting you a God-given beauty in Europe, the cradle of civilization.

The standards of beauty and attractiveness are changing from day to day, whether it’s being defined as a subjective or objective experience. From the very creation of the world up until now, people are trying to describe and determine beauty. They often do this on the basis of facial features, body shapes, and charisma. Among numerous nations settled on the European continent, it seems that people in Eastern Europe attract most attention because of their mixed ethnicity and diversity of origins. In fact, their cultural and geographical connection with Asia gives them a touch of mystery. Check out our list of countries with the most beautiful women in Asia and see for yourself. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the list that ranked the prettiest woman in the world by country, we covered that as well in our article about countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

11 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in Europe


Beauty today is often associated with the cosmetic and makeup industry, video tutorials, marketing of the products and of course, aesthetic surgery. Fortunately, the perceptions of beauty differ from place to place, even from nation to nation. That’s why we couldn’t help but ask ourselves who is the winner and who is the loser in the never-ending battle “American beauty vs. European beauty”? We didn’t find the answer while searching the Internet, but a discussion on Reddit that is more than interesting. So, after reading our list, feel free to join it, we are sure you are going to have the answer.

Women often encounter sexism as an inevitable part of their lives. They face different types of discrimination because of their appearance, religion, race or color. The list is long. They face it every day, on every continent. So the terms ‘European sexism’ or ‘American sexism’ are entirely unnecessary. Sexism is sexism, wherever it happens. However, since we are already talking about Europe, we have to mention recent events in European Parliament when the Polish member Janusz Korwin-Mikke said that “women must earn less than men because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent.” Unfortunately, this simply proves that even today, sexism is still all around us. Since ‘beauty is the eye of its beholder,’ we came across many different answers while doing the research. While we were trying to find out which European country has the most attractive citizens, women particularly, an interesting map from Reddit popped out. The similar thing happened when we tried to answer the question – which country has the most handsome man? Luckily, we covered that topic, as well.

In order to make the list of the European countries ranked by the beauty of their charming ladies, we decided to consult the judges’ decisions upon major and minor international beauty pageants. We checked four major beauty pageants like Miss Europe, Miss International, Miss World and Miss Earth and Europe-related minor ones like Miss Globe International, Miss Heritage, etc. Finally, we ranked countries by the number of their titleholders.

We are pretty sure that your next vacation destination will be chosen from our list of countries with the most beautiful women in Europe!