15 Countries with the Most Handsome Men in the World

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Ladies (and gentlemen), if you find yourself unsure about your next holiday destination, perhaps one of these 15 countries with the most handsome men in the world maybe a good idea. I know my wife now wants to visit few of them.

In general, she doesn’t really take much interest in my articles, except the occasional smirk or sneer if I was covering topic similar to Countries with The Most Beautiful Women in Africa. But this, this was an exception. She even helped me research it.

Unlike female beauty, which was always held in high esteem, male beauty has been met with extreme treatments, depending on the age or location. It was either completely scorn or treated as a sign of favor of the gods, and everything in between. Some society treats handsome men quite harshly, while others adore them.

15 Countries with The Most Handsome Men in The World

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The example that comes to mind is Sparta. Perhaps the most warlike society in history, Sparta has been considered by many a paragon of male virtue, courage, and bravery on the battlefield. Yet, Spartans considered beauty, both male and female, as a proof of Olympian gods affection for the individual in question. Handsome men and women were praised and treated with respect, while less fortunate people, who didn’t win the genetic lottery, had to prove their worth before being treated equally. The only exception were battle scars, which were always met with respect, regardless of how disfigured they made a man. Then again, they threw babies off of a cliff, so there’s that as well.

In some other societies, handsome men were treated with scorn and regarded feminine, and as such, unfit for public office or employment. Fortunately, for the most part, those times are behind us and today we treat beautiful men the same we have always treated beautiful women.

There are even beauty pageants for men, which brings us to the methodology we used in order to rank countries with the most handsome men in the world. In an attempt to completely eliminate bias and national pride that often clouds these kinds of lists,  we have decided to leave the decision to experts. There are several international beauty pageants for men in the world and we used them as a source of our data. First, we took a look at the oldest such competition, Manhunt International, which was first held in 1993. The second one was Mister International, founded in 2005. Then we went to Mister World, held every two years starting in 1998 and finally, the youngest one, Mister Global, which started in 2014. To further differentiate between the countries, we added Mister Global’s awards Mr. Congeniality, Mr. Photogenic, Mr. Internet Popularity, Best Physique, Best Model, Mr. Charming Smile, and People’s Choice, which we valued at half a point, compared to the full point we awarded to countries for each title their men won at these four competitions. Both my editor and my wife approved this methodology, so I’m pretty sure it is a sound one. Here are the results.

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