13 Countries with The Most Beautiful Women in Asia

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Whether you have got a thing for Asian beauties or just enjoy looking at beautiful women in general, these 13 countries with the most beautiful women in Asia may be a perfect vacation destination for you.

Countries often take pride in the beauty of its people and Asian countries are no exception. For Westerners, the allure and mystique of Asian women were mesmerizing and hard to resist. Hollywood was quick to react and many exotic beauties were featured in blockbusters, only furthering the appeal for pretty Asian faces. The fashion world also helped introduce many models, most of whom were intended for Asian markets, but few have managed to achieve international success. But those are all individuals and we wanted to find out which Asian country has the prettiest girls in general and if any of them is among Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World. If nothing else, picking a tourist destination should be easier with this information.

Since the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we decided to take no chances and consult experts before compiling the list of countries with the most beautiful women in Asia. The experts in question are judges at international beauty pageants. Despite all the controversy that surrounds them and the fire they drew from feminists, beauty pageants are still very popular and winning one is a dream for many girls, Asians included. Some see it as a quick step towards glory, some seek an opening for their modeling or acting careers, and some just want to escape poverty and create a new life for themselves. Whatever their reasons, girls flock to beauty pageants in thousands every year, each hoping that she will be the one to be crowned.

Beauty pageants aren’t anything new. Ancient Greeks used to hold them regularly, both for men and women. The physical beauty was considered a gift from gods and something to be proud of. In medieval England, choosing a May Queen can be considered a beauty pageant of sorts. For our list, we decided to use the Big Four international beauty pageants (Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss International). Since we are choosing an Asian country with the most beautiful girls, we threw Miss Asia and Miss Asia Pacific International into the mix as well.

Miss World is the oldest beauty contest in the world and some would say the most prestigious one. The firs Miss World was held in 1951. Miss Universe was established in 1952 and it is held in more than 190 countries worldwide. Until 2015 and the Mexican immigrants speech debacle, President Trump was one of the owners of the competition, when he was forced to sell it due to NBC’s ban. Miss International is currently held in either China or Japan but was originally established in Long Beach in 1960. Miss Earth is the youngest competition among the Big Four, having started in 2001. It focuses on increasing environmental awareness.

Each country was awarded points for titles its women have won at any of these six beauty pageants and ranked accordingly.

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