11 Countries With The Hottest Summers on Earth

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Would you live in one of 11 countries with the hottest summers on Earth? Well, if you would, I’m sure you have also loved the summer this year, because it was the hottest one ever recorded.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that the average temperature is the highest since 1880. Some of the factors that cause the increase in average temperature on Earth are El Nino and climate change. The Pacific Ocean is warmed by El Nino, and it affects the weather conditions around the world. The average temperatures are higher during the past 35 years and the beginning of the 21th century promise more hot summers in the future. Those heat waves will affect everything on Earth and if we do nothing to, for example, reduce usage of fossil fuels and increase usage of renewable energy, the average temperature on Earth could rise by 4 to 12°F by the beginning of the next century!

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So, it’s true that the pollution causes the change in Earth’s average temperatures, but it also affects the specific areas on our planet. High population density of an area is also one of the main factors that make a significant change in the temperature.

But, if you like summer and don’t mind that summers will be hotter in the upcoming years, you will find our article 11 countries with the hottest summers on Earth very useful. Speaking of hot, don’t forget to check our list of countries with the hottest food in the world, too.

We will present 11 countries with the highest average temperature during the summer months. We gathered our data from the number of websites, such as Country Ranker, Holiday Point, Sky met weather, Live Science and ListCrux, and checked for the information about the average temperature in these countries’ summer months. Let’s see together which are the countries with the hottest summers on Earth:

11. Tunisia

Tunisia is located in the north of the African continent, and it has very dry and hot summers. The average temperature during the summer months (from June to September) is 104°F to 113 °F (40°C to 45°C).

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