11 Countries with the Hottest Food in the World

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Let’s turn up the heat with the countries with the hottest food in the world. Are you a fan of spicy food? Or maybe you are just looking for a challenge. These are the countries which have the cuisines you must try to become the ultimate connoisseur of spicy food!

They say the geography of a place acutely affects a country’s food preferences and tastes. This seems to be quite true in the case of spicy food as we see the most of the largest producers of spices are also the ones who enjoy an extra dash of spice in their foods. So be it India or the Caribbean we find them on the top section of the spice meter. Research has also shown that countries lying in the hotter regions of the world eat a lot more hot food than others. The reasons for them are also quite scientific. A lot of spices were originally used to preserve meat and other food from spoiling in a hot climate and that tradition has just stuck through generations. Spicy food also tends to make people sweat and, therefore, cool off in a hot weather.

AS Food studio/Shutterstock.com 11 Countries with the Hottest Food in the World

AS Food studio/Shutterstock.com

So that explains quite a bit about regions and their food choices. We also know that most of the countries with the hottest food in the world are in Asia. But, how do we actually get to rate them? Well, we figured out a way. We looked through a host of hot recipes from different sources like Thrillist , FoodNetwork , and List25 and rated them  on the frequency of their appearance on the lists and the level of spiciness. And then we rated the countries on the number of extremely spicy foods in the respective cuisines.

On the lines countries and their connection with hotness, here are the 11 Countries with the Hottest Guys in the World.

So, if you are up for a capsaicin test – hunt down local restaurants which serve these cuisines or better still, book your tickets to these countries and get a first-hand experience. Anyway, here’s the list!

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